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Pattni Connection
The Greatest Site for the Proud Parajiya Pattni Community Worldwide


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As you may all know, we change front page logos almost weekly so that our website look fresh whenever you visit.


We are looking for new Logos to celebrate our success and for the next 100,000 hits!!  For all you budding artists, why not show off your creative talents and design logos to give our Pattni Connection community website a real identity!


Do you enjoy creating logos? Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Ever looked at the logo of a company and thought "I can do better than that"?

Well, here’s your chance.

This is the moment to show everybody your skills. Pattni Connection is giving you the chance to show off your creativity as well as worldwide fame amongst Pattnis for designing logos!

We expect to reach 100,000 by next month. We would be delighted if you, (yes you, the person reading this) participate and become an active part of our team. You don’t have to be a design guru. Everyone is invited to design logos, including professional designers. So do take part in this community project.


Design Brief

Like in the past, we are deliberately keeping the specification quite open to allow your creative juices to flow. However, there are a few guidelines for you to follow in order to produce the kind of identity we are looking for.

The name of site - Pattni Connection.

You may also use our traditional slogans:-

Pattni Connection – Connecting Pattnis worldwide

We are PPPs – We are Proud Parajiya Pattnis

Pattni Connection – Serving Parajiya Pattni Community worldwide


Or why not create your own slogan!

There is no colour scheme set, you may choose whichever colours you feel will best represent our community website

Logo Gallery

Upon receiving your submission we will add your logo to our submissions gallery in the website.

Please email your submission to Pattni

Good luck to everyone.
We look forward to receiving your logos!


Pran C Arjan Dhanak



Pattni Connection

The greatest site for Proud Parajiya Pattnis worldwide

Pattni Connection YOUTH SITE

Grand parent’s Stories

In our good old times we used to grow up in a generation where grand parents were an active part of our life. That meant oodles of fun, stories, prayers and information all delivered cuddled up in grandpa/grandma's lap.


Today many kids are physically removed from their grand parents. Mr Ramchander feel that in spite of all the technical gizmos, millions of toys they are missing out on this wonderful treasure which we were lucky to get from our grand parents.


Mr Ramchander wishes to reach out to all those little ones and not so little ones out there who would love to hear such children stories.  We shall publish children’s story of the week” written by Mr Ramchander in our website.


Children’s Story of the week Nala Damayanthi


P R Ramachander – Profile

Mr P R Ramachander is a scholar who have published 150 papers and 4 books. His works was recognised by an institution in England as one of the top scientists of the millennium. He also has various interests in Astrology, matching of horoscopes over internet, Historical studies, Writing English poems, Translating Sthothrams in to English.

Mehul Pattni to cycle for a cancer charity -
Vietnam Cycling Challenge

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