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MSG, What exactly is it?

While I am unsure of the origin of this email –

It is interesting and important enough to find out more!!!

The food additive MSG (MonoSodium Glutamate) is a slow poison.  MSG hides behind 25 or more names, such as "Natural Flavoring."  MSG is even in your favorite coffee from Tim Horton's and other brand-name coffee shops.
Blowing the whistle on MSG is our responsibility, so get the word out.

John Erb Report on Monosodium Glutamate –Report

Co-op bans additives from foods -  BBC Report

Cardiovascular disease now ranks as the leading cause of death - Heart Diseases


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Heart Care Tips - HeartCareTips 

Coronary heart disease
Too many cigarettes, too little exercise and too much salt – that appears to be at the heart of the problem – along with much higher rates of diabetes. Coronary heart disease (CHD) rates remain stubbornly high among South Asians in the UK according to the new statistics from the British Heart Foundation reveal. Diabetes is much more prevalent among South Asian communities, especially Indian men…..More 


If you are an Asian woman and have a waist circumference of more than 80 cm (33.0 in) or a man with a waist circumference of 90 cm (36in), you are at greater risk of heart disease and diabetes and should seek advice…..More 

SIDS deaths when a parent and infant sleep together on a sofa are on the rise. Infant deaths

Stopping smoking suddenly can be key to success.  Smokers who kick the habit on the spur of the moment are more likely to be successful than those who plan to stop smoking in advance – according to a new report published today in the British Medical Journal.

 Stopping smoking suddenly can be key to success 


Hypothesis: Cancer Causes and Mechanisms
by John Spottiswoode   Fwd: Ashwinbhai Govindji Kagdada, PPA President (Leicester Region)

Cancer Causes and Mechanisms:Hyptothesis

Indians eating toxic metals

Sweet meats decorated with ‘silver’ foil found highly toxic
Indians eating toxic metals

Wednesday 9th November, 2005            


LUCKNOW, India (AP) – Millions of Indians inadvertently eat toxic and carcinogenic metals in the form of thin silver foil traditionally used to garnish sweets and betel leaf, study results say.
The silver foil used to decorate sweets and betel leaf, easily available in Indian markets, contains residues of cancer causing metals- nickel, lead, chromium and cadmium, according to a study by the Industrial Toxicology Research Center (ITRC) in Lucknow, India

In an age–old tradition, a finely pounded sheet of silver – so thin it splits when touched – is placed atop many Indian sweets.

Silver film is sometimes also used to wrap betel leaf, which is stuffed with betel nut, lime and other condiments and is chewed as a digestive.

"There is a good chance of consuming toxic metals while eating sweets wrapped with silver foil," said Dr. Mukul Das, who carried out the study.

Eating tiny amounts of pure silver is not considered toxic to humans, but many vendors use foil adulterated with heavy metals, Das said.

"Over half of the analyzed silver foils had lower silver purity than the 99.9 per cent purity stipulated by the prevention of food adulteration act of India," he said.

When such foil enters into the body it releases heavy metals that can lead to cancer, said Dr. S.K. Khanna, the co–author of the report released last month.

The report advocates controls for making silver foil. It details the unhygienic conditions in which workers put silver in small leather bags and beat it into foil with wooden clubs in dingy shops. One such artisan, Mukhtar Ali, said no health official had ever visited his workshop in Lucknow.

Food inspector Sidharth Mathur said that a law specifies the required purity of silver foil for eating – but authorities have no way to test the purity.

"Our labs are not competent enough" to make such checks, he said.

Garnishing some foods with silver foil is so popular in India that ITRC scientists believe that about 275,000 kilograms (606,265 pounds) of pure silver is converted into edible silver foil each year in the country.

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