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Late Shree Vallabhdas Vithaldas Dhakan

It is with great regret that we announce the demise of our beloved father Shree Vallabhdas Vithaldas Dhakan, aged 71, in Sharjah on 29-3-2005, Tuesday, leaving us all in deep grief.
Shree Vallabhdas was born in Klasari (near Visavadar), Gujrat, India on 1st July 1934. After studying till eighth standard, he joined the family business in 1951 in Kalsari. He married to Prabhaben (alias Naniben) of Kodinar in 1953. In 1955, he migrated to Dubai in search of green pastures. Due to the recession, the life was difficult in Dubai so tried vainly to settle in Bahrain, eventually decided to return back to India.

He again planned to go back to Dubai. However this time he was lucky enough to deceive his bad luck when he decided to cancel his last minute travel in DARA ship, which sunk in 1959 on its way back to Dubai.

He ventured into his own business in 1965 as a jeweller-cum-goldsmith. Making hollow jewellery filled with jogni (lakh) and hand cutting (hath chol) was his specialty. He ran this business successfully till the year 2000.
He was a very pious, soft spoken, kind hearted person and loved children. He was a regular devotee attending satsangs with all sects of faith be it Swaminarayan, Swadhyay Parivaar, Hare Krishna or Vaishnav and traveled most of the holy places of pilgrimage in India.

We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and well wishers for their support, sympathy, and condolences by personal visit, telephone and by e-mail.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace

Om Shanti : Shanti : Shanti

Prabhaben(Naniben) V. Dhakan(wife)

Haresh V. Dhakan(son)                      

Alpa Haresh Dhakan (daughter in law)
Nirmalaben  Ashwin Sagar(Daughter)

Ashwin Bhutalal Valji Sagar(Son-in-Law)

Daksha Ketan Challa (Daughter)

Ketan Maganlal Challa (Son-in-law)


                  Viren H. Dhakan

                   Pearl H. Dhakan 

                   Pratik A. Sagar

                   Krunal A. Sagar

                   Devang K.Challa
            And all the family members


Jai Shree Krishna