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Shree Ramniklal Vallabhdas Dhanji Ghaghda (Parekh)


It is with profound grief that we regret to announce the demise of our beloved Shree Ramniklal Vallabhdas Dhanji Ghaghda (Parekh), aged 60, on Saturday 10th December 2005.

We miss you, Dad


You were so full of life,
Always smiling and carefree,
Life loved you being a part of it,
And I loved you being a part of me.
You could make anyone laugh,
If they were having a bad day,
No matter how sad I was,
You could take the hurt away.
Nothing could every stop you,
Or even make you fall,
You were ready to take on the world,
Ready to do it all.
But God decided he needed you,
So from this world you left,
But you took a piece of all of us,
Our hearts are what you kept.
Your seat is now empty,
And it's hard not to see your face,
But please always know this,
No one will ever take your place.
You left without a warning,
Not even saying good-bye,
And I can't seem to stop,
Asking the question why?
Nothing will ever be the same,
The halls are empty without your laughter,
But I know you're in Heaven,
Watching over us and looking after.
I didn't see this coming,
It hit me by surprise,
And when you left this world,
A small part of me died.
Your smile could brighten anyone's day,
No matter what they were going through,
And I know everyday for the rest of my life,
I'll be missing you.


Jai Shree Krishna

Bhanuben, Umesh, Kaushik, Raksha, Jotik, Sandy and Juliet

Shree Ramniklal痴 friends and family have known him to be there when needed, offering advice, help and love in his own special carrying way. He has experienced all emotions like joy, happiniess and sorrow throughout his years. We will miss him dearly and pray that his soul rests in eternal peace

Thank you, Dad...
for listening and caring,
for giving and sharing,


We値l miss the way you looked at us
We値l miss the way you smiled.
We値l miss the way you talked to us
We値l miss everything about you,


Dad, we値l miss you for ever and ever and ever.

We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and well wishers for their support, sympathy, and condolences by personal visit, telephone and by e-mail.


Jai Shree Krishna


Mother: Smt Shantaben Vallabdhas Dhanji Parekh

Wife:     Smt Bhanuben R Dhanji

Brothers / Sister : Dhirajlal, Rajnikant, Natverlal, Pushpaben Rasiklal Haridas

                                  Pattni, Narotham (late)

Children: Umesh, Kaushik, Raksha

 Late Shree Vallabdhas Dhanji Parekh and Family

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