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Pattni Connection Memorabilia -


A Website might be designed by professional web designers but if people donít know about it or is not supported by its members then itís worth nothing to any in terms of generating interest. In other words, promoting a website is just as important as the website itself. The most effective way to promote your Web site is through a combination of offline and online promotional techniques.

Pattni Connection mouse pads and T - Shirts




One  active Pattni member, Kanchan Zala in Toronto, Canada, came up with some brilliant ideas and produced few memorabilia Ė Pattni Connection mouse pads and T-Shirt with our Pattni Connection Logo.




She designed the Pattni Connection Logo and printed it on the mouse pads and T-shirt. We thank Kanchan for her effort to promote our site. It is such a spirit and support that has made our Pattni Connection a highly successful website for our proud Pattni community. Please contact us if you wish to purchase these memorabilia which will be at cost.