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Jai Shree Hanuman

  Jam Jodhpur

Shree Bhanjibhai Madhavjibhai Hirjibhai Challa

Om Namah Shivay


In loving memory of our beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather Shree Bhanjibhai Madhavjibhai Hirjibhai Challa, a family man who passed away, aged 81yrs on Thursday, 22nd December 2005 after a brief illness.

He was born in Jam Jodhpur in India on 1st November 1924 to parents Late Smt Jakuarben and Late Shree Madhavjibhai.

In his younger age of 12 years, he left India in 1936 for Africa to acquire the skills become a highly respected jeweller / goldsmith. He went back to India in 1951 to marry Santokbai. Thereafter, he settled in London, UK in 1971 to make a better life for his family


He had a very joyful and loving nature but also had a very stern side. His hobbies included Astrology, music and photography. He was a devotee of Lord Hanuman and Bhagwan Shiv Shankar. His last wish was to be free – spiritually and physically

Tributes by Rohitbhai Bhanjibhai (son)

Our Bapuji was e
veryone’s Bapuji – our family, the Pattni community, neighbours, work colleagues and even our English friends called him Bapuji, that’s why I say ‘Our Bapuji’ – Bhanji Madhavji Pattni

Mr Bhanji Madhavji Pattni – the name by its self is impressive and inspires confidence. His reputation, which he valued very highly, preceded him everywhere he went

When he left India in the early forties, it was with a burning ambition to become a highly respected jeweller/goldsmith. He achieved this ambition relatively quickly because of his unwavering determination. His workmanship was renowned by all that saw the results of his work


His personality and will power was such that, with him standing by your side, you would fear nothing or no one. Such was his aura that you couldn’t fail to notice him in a crowd or in the community or wherever he happened to be

The loss of that presence in our home is one that no one can readily make good. All we can do now is pray that he rests in peace with God; this thought alone provides us with the strength we need and is our only way of coping with such a great loss    
Jai Shree Krishna


Tributes by Poonam (Grand daughter)

Bapuji was an exceptional man, kind hearted and always very giving.  He always wanted the family to be 'one'...and till the end it was his biggest wish. 


There is so much I want to say and so much I want to apologise to him for but cannot find the right words...the one thing I do want to say is that I will always love him and I hope that he finds peace now.


Bapuji, you are a great man and have instilled great morals and values in me and all your other grandchildren.  Your memories are my greatest treasure and we shall always guard them with my life.


We love you very much.


Poonam Pattni


Jai Shree Krishna

Mrs Santokbai Bhanjibhai Challa (wife) 

Pravinaben & Ravibhai ( Eldest daughter & husband)

Bipinbhai & Nitaben  (Eldest son & wife)

Ranjanben & Jitubhai (Younger daughter & husband)

Rohitbhai & Madhuben (Youngest son & wife)

Shiva (great grandson), Vinay, Gina, Sanu, Vishal, Poonam, Bharat, Jessica, Bansi, Amit & Rohan

Shanti Path