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It is with greatest of regret that we announce the sad loss of our beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather Shree Anandjibhai Jeram Pattni aged 89 in London on Thursday 14-4-2005.

        Shree Anandjibhai was born in Kharedi in Gujarat, India on 26th June 1916.  He emigrated in 1922, at a tender age of 6, to Africa with his father Jeram Bapa who was following his father Samat Bapa.

     The family; father- Jeram Bapa, mother - Puriben and five sisters - late Labhuben, late Shantaben, Kantaben, Hemiben and Pushpaben settled in Mombasa, Kenya from 1927 where he spent his life until 1975. He was the first Parajiya Pattni student who attended Alidina Vishram School in Mombasa where he showed amongst others his natural talent in art when one day whilst in an art class he painted a portrait of his Headmaster from memory. Unfortunately, due to circumstances he was unable to complete his education however it played an important role in his life and he became a self-teacher. 

         He was single minded, determined and ambitious.  His ambition was to be a doctor however, as this was not possible he decided to become a leading Jeweller which he achieved as he was renowned for his diamond setting, know how of gem stones and creativity in Jewellery making (Chol and Kotar Kam) in East Africa. He never lost his love for medicine and became extremely knowledgeable in the subject and had many doctor friends.

        He played a significant role in the Parajia Pattni Samaj where he was elected as  the President for some time.He later served as a Secretary for a number of years.

        He retired to England in1975 with his wife Shreemati Bhanuben mother Puriben to join his sons, Mukundbhai, Jitubhai and Rajeshbhai who had emigrated previously to England as had his daughters Benaben, Nitaben and Ajitaben.  His eldest daughter Ramaben remained in Nairobi with her husband.

        Throughout his life he touched the hearts and souls of many with his advice, guidance and care for humanity.  He encouraged and gave courage to many, both on joyous occasions and difficult times.  He had the gift of seeking out those who needed him. 

       He leaves behind a legacy of thirteen grandchildren: Unnat, Nishita, Ketan, Sameer, Arti, Dillan, Riccita, Ria, Rina, Rita Rohit, Rajiv and Neel and six great grandchildren Abhishek, Krishna, Sonia, Karan, Rohan and Gia   Bapuji, you will always be in our hearts and minds in each and every step we take.

We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and well wishers for their support, sympathy, and condolences at this time of sorrow. 

May God rest his soul in eternal peace
Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti 

Mukundbhai, Jitubhai and Rajeshbhai Anandjibhai Jeram and family