Poetry - Blow your Trumpet
Poetry is a heart warmer and a soul enhancer. If you are on poetry's side, stand up and be counted. Have a heart, nurture your soul. Blow your Trumpet. Send in a poem --- Editor to

What is Pattni Connection?

Pattni Connection is our name

Connecting Pattnis is our aim

Pattni Unity is what we ask

Connecting Pattni is our task

Pattni Unity is our lesson

Connecting Pattni is our mission


Food for thought - New Year wishes 2009

Congratulation – Pattni Connection 2nd Anniversary

Review of the Year
Yaad teri aane lagi by Manisha Ghaghada, Coventry, UK

Happy case of mistaken identity, Profile of the legend - Pran

Andhera hi andhera Manisha Ghaghada, Coventry - Poetry Week

Shri C B Patel Rich List – Poor List and Hosts and hospitality

“nasiyat kiske liye” reply to Alvida – by Vasant Pattni - Poetry Week
Alvida – “Goodbye” poetry by Manisha Ghaghada, Coventry, U.K. - Alvida

Paradise Lost - Ramniklal Nathoobhai Mavji, London - Paradise Lost
Aurat - beautiful poetry by Manisha Pattni, Coventry - Aurat
Maa Special - Maa Special
Poetry by Manisha Ghaghada, Coventry, UK Zindagi
Poetry by Bharti Sureshchandra Ghaghada, New Jersey, USA
Zindagi ke rang

Mithi Yaade - Poetry by Harsha Dhanak, Mombasa, Kenya - Yaade

Aankhe ya Nashaa by Haresh Dhakan  Aankhe ya Nashaa

Season’s Greetings to Parajiya Pattni Members 

New Year Wishes to Pattni Members Kanchan Zala, Toronto  Happy New Year

“Let me daydream” by Jyotikar Pattni, London Life oh life!

“Paisa fek tamasha dekh” by Vasant Soni, Peterborough, UK - Ek choti si baat ka tamasha

“That’s life” by Harsha Dhanak, Mombasa, Kenya - Yahi to hai zindagi

New Year Wishes by Harsha Dhanak, Mombasa - Poetry Wk 4

Pooja Vaya in Nairobi recited her poems on 30th September  E Vatan


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English Poetries

Poetry - Khoya Khoya Chand

Poet's corner

Father's Day / Mother’s Day

Read more poems by our Pattni Poets



Gujarati Poetries

Poetry Week Gujarati

Karam kadi na Lakhis
Akha Bhagat no Chelo


English Poetries
Poetry 6

Poetry Week 5  

Poetry Wk 4 

Poetry Week 3    

Poetry Wk3 continue

Poetry Week 2      

Poetry Week 


Gujarati Poetries

Poetry week 5
Poetry Week 4   

Poetry Week 3 
Poetry Gujarati 2

Poetry Week 


Review of the Year (please ensure to click 'close' button to remove the ad)

Mati na chula poem by Manglaben Vaya 

Rakshabandhan Greetings by Jyotikar Pattni

Zindagi Mein Toofan - A virtual reality with sound effect

Valentine - History of Valentine
Dedication to Pattni Babies by Manisha Ghaghada and Pran C. Arjan(Editor)
Father Day Special - June 18th 2006

Zindagi Mein Toofan 

Our Valentine Couple 

New Year Blessings

Dedication to Pattni Babies 

Gayatri Mandir

Eik Beti Ki Kahani

Ek boond  Ek Boond kabhi paani ki mori ankhiyon se barsaaye-  

Poetry - Chetvani (A warning)  For poetry in Gujarati Chetvani

Story Writing

Do you have a passion and flair for writing? Do you like to write and realise your dream of becoming an author?
We wish to encourage and help our Pattni children, youths and also adult members  discover the joy and satisfaction of putting their dreams and experiences on paper, therefore providing a platform to ‘speak up’ and for their imagination to take flight.
We are committed to the development of young creative literary talents and an opportunity to give recognition for their creativity and hard work, as well as gain exposure as an author through our website.
I am confident that by giving such opportunities, there would be many more Pattni writers.
We are pleased to inform that we shall soon be opening a new section for our budding writers. Interested in writing? Why not submit it for our own Pattni website. Submit your short stories.


What is - Navchandi Yagna ?

Dahej (means Dowry) - A Controversial discussion - Dahej
Falling in love is a divine experience by Jyotikar Pattni, U.K.
New Year Blessings by Manisha Pattni, Coventry, U.K.
New Year Resolutions by Vinaykant Jagda, Dubai, U.A.E. 
ANONYMOUS DONOR  - Story by Mital Pattni, Nakuru, Kenya
Crime in Kenya - A True Story


Vocabulary of Urdu words commonly used in poems. If anyone doesn't understand a word please refer and enjoy poetries by our Pattni poets - Urdu Vocabulary

Poetry in Motion     
Poetry is a form of expression. It is not just for a chosen few. Everyone has his or her own individual style and point of view. We're here to encourage the expression of your unique vision. Poetry is an expression of the heart and is valid no matter the poet's educational level or background.
It makes us proud to know that our Samaj have a wealth of philosophical talents and are now coming forward to participate in our website. We are pleased to celebrate a week of Poetry to show the talents poets. All them are simply brilliant.

We welcome members to send poems in English, Gujarati or in Hindi. We now have the facility in our own Pattni website, so grab this opportunity to publish your material and show your talents.
Virtual reality
Our hope in providing our visitors to encompass everything our member’s need to successfully take the technological turn to Virtual Reality which is expected to gain significant momentum in the years to come. If you feel like expressing your thoughts through poetry, please go ahead and submit your poems to