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History of Parajiya Soni



Kshatriya is one of the four castes in Hinduism. Traditionally, the ruling or military class belonged to the Kshatriya class. Bhagwan Shri Ram was a Kshatriya of Suryavanshi lineage and Bhagwan Lord Shri Krishna was a Kshatriya of Chandravanshi lineage.

Parajiya Sonis (Pattni, Giranara and Kutchi Parajiyas) are Kshatriyas that come from three dynasties - Surya Vansh, Chandra Vansh and Hanuman Vansh.

Surya Vanshis

Family surnames (sankh) who are Surya Vanshis.


1) Suru  2) Patt  3) Khera 4) Devia 5) Jogia  6) Dhakka  7) Pala  8) Padya   9) Aroda  10) Gadadia  11) Susania  12) Anjan  13) Daniya  14) Satikuvar  15) Kachla  16) Karchalia 17) Vaya  19) Hanj  20) Kagdadia  21) Vaitha  22) Bagia  23) Thadeswar  24) Sagar  25) Polara  26) Kanjara


Chandra Vanshi

1) Dhanak  2) Raninga  3) Hoda  4) Dhakan  5) Kardhar  6) Challa  7) Jinadara  8) Ghuntla  9) Bhuva  10) Nindh  11) Mushariya  12) Dhorda  13) Bhindi  14) Lodhia  15) Bhoria  16) Trasing  17) Nandha  18) Lubhani  19) Luhar  20) Chatpokhya  21) Jagda  22) Sameda 23) Jakhya  24) Samta


Hanuman Vanshi

1) Ghaghada


Kul Gotra Details(The word "gotra" means "lineage" in the Sanskrit language)

Hingraj Mata Mandir in Pakistan
In April each year, thousands of Hindus flock to the cave temple of Hinglaj Mata, situated in a remote, desolate and hilly area of Pakistan's Balochistan province, 250km (155 miles) north-west of Karachi. Further reading and photos are posted in our history section. A report in the BBC website  Hingraj Mata Mandir 

We need to preserve our great history for the benefit of our future generation.

We must ask three questions:

Where have we come from?

Where are we at this instance?

Where do we want to go from here?


We have rich history and our cultural heritage. Let us all work to ensure that we preserve our language and culture and history amongst the younger generation and many future generations

Our main goal is to leave a good and solid foundation for our future generation to build upon.

We must try to preserve our Parajiya Pattni history
Kantibhai Ghaghada

President, Jamnagar Samaj


You have excellently collected the history of Parajiya Pattnis who migrated from of India. Each and every community must remember their past and make path for future. We must try to preserve this history fact in a book form or in electronic shape. Generation of today will not face the situation like those days when our past people had travelled in boat for 10/15 days to reach destination.


Those Pattni members who went to Gulf they faced severe hardship. There was no electricity and people used to sleep at sandy beach at night. As a result of their sacrifice and difficulties, our new generation is now enjoying the fruit.


Late Shri Devayatbhai Soni had written so many articles for social improvement, story, poems and published the same in "Parajiya Prakash" past 4 decades. We at the Federation level collected all the materials from old issue of "Parajiya Prakash" and decided to publish two books, one containing community article/stories/poems and second for social article/stories/poems etc.


For this work some of donors from USE have offered the required amount. By publishing this literatures Federation will pay homage to dedication of Shri Devayatbhai towards our community. Book work is in progress and in short time will be released for community.


With regards,