M/s Mital Pattni

                                                                                                      Nakuru, Kenya

She was kneeling, her hands folded, deep in prayer. He walked up to her silently and put a hand on her shoulder.
"We have found a donor Mrs.Crane." Her eyes flew open and she looked up at him. He was beaming. "We got someone to donate the kidney!" He helped her stand up and she clutched his hands and cried. For the first time in two days a smile appeared on her tear stained face.

"When will you operate Doctor?"

He looked into her tired face and said "We are preparing him right now. The operation will start in about an hour." He smiled as he led her out of the small chapel in the hospital. "And now Mrs.Crane, I want you to rest and
leave everything to us. There is no need to worry. Mr.Crane will be fine."
He opened the door as she stopped for a second and looked back, "Thank you"  She whispered and walked out.

"Doctor Joey"? She looked up at him as they walked down the corridor.

"May I know who the donor is? I want to thank the kind soul" He stopped short and stared over her head into the distance.

"Doctor Joey I want you to promise me that you'll never tell them who the donor is....." She had been crying as she had made him promise. The words now echoed in his head as he looked at Mrs.Crane.

He hesitated before taking a deep breath and said "She would like to remain anonymous Mrs.Crane" and he walked away.

She slowly walked back to her husband's room. It was empty. They had taken him to the operating theatre.

"She would like to remain anonymous..."

The words played round and round in her mind. And suddenly she knew. She knew who the donor was. A torrent of tears ran down her cheeks. "Oh God!" She put her hands over her face and broke down.

"Sam please don't do this!" Please try and understand her too!" She had
 pleaded with him, but he had been in a fit of rage then and had screamed at their daughter. 

"GET OUT! And never set foot in this house again! Now get out!!!"

"Tamela please don't go! She had tried persuading her daughter. "He'll calm down Tamela, please give him some time dear, please don't go!"

"No mum. I love you both very much, but I love Brett too. I hope he finds it
in his heart to forgive me Mum. He may not want to see me Mum..but I'll
always be there..." and she had walked out.

And now she had come back, as she had promised. She had come and gone without letting them know. "Oh Sam!"

"Mrs.Crane wake up!" It was Doctor Joey. She opened her eyes and looked around her. It had grown dark, she must have fallen asleep.

"The operation was successful Mrs.Crane" he said. "You can see him now" he said as he helped her up.

"It was Tamele wasn't it?"

She took him by surprise. He looked into her eyes and knew. He slowly nodded knowing he could not deny it now.

She opened the door and walked over to where her husband was lying. He was awake and smiled as she sat down next to him. She put a hand on his arm " How are you feeling?" she asked

"Like a new man! Ivy, I want to like to thank who ever it was"

She turned away, not knowing what to say. "Doctor Joey said she would like to remain anonymous Sam.." she mumbled.

"Oh I canít even tell of your sacrifice Tamela!" She cried inwardly not
knowing how he would react if he knew the truth.

"It was Tamele wasn't it?"

His words were like lightening. She turned around and saw the tears
glistening in his eyes.

"You think she'll forgive me Ivy?" he sobbed into her arms.

"Of course she will! of course she will!!" she cried as she held him.