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Hindu Temple in Zanzibar


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Paradise Lost

I left Zanzibar, island of spices,
To emigrate to UK, the land of opportunity.

Forsook the tropical sun
For cold frigid weather.
Left behind the warm ocean breeze
For the wind-chill of winter.
Abandoned white pristine beaches
For brown muddy shores.
Turned away from a turquoise ocean
For polluted lakes.

Gave up mangoes, papaya, shokishoki, guava and duriani
For apples, pears, grapes, peaches and cherries.
Gave up white snapper and king fish
For cod and sole.
Gave up drinking coconut water straight from the coconut
And settled for bottled water.

Left behind the street coffee seller
For the office coffee pot.
Left behind the exotic fragrance of spices
For the pungent smell of sulphuric emissions.

Deprived of hearing the call to prayer
For the sound of police and fire sirens.

Deprived of seeing women clad in mysterious black buibui
For women dressed in jeans and miniskirts.

Deserted a slow relaxed pace of life
For the fast lane.
Gave up afternoon naps
For gym workouts.
Gave up riding a bicycle through the narrow streets
For driving a car on the highways.

Discontinued a course on the coral marine life
For a course in stress management.

Discarded mud and thatched dwellings
For concrete and steel.
Left behind a community-based life
For a human zoo.

It makes me wonder
Have I left my soul behind in Zanzibar?

My best memoirs of Zanzibar is the rhythm of the rain tapping on the
metal roofs at night, while we cosily snuggle into our beds with endless
horrifying thunders and flashes of lightning throughout the night!

woh  ambuaka  julna woh pipal ki chaauv
aaj ujal kar rahe gaya mere sapna ka gau.


See the narrow streets of the stone town.


"Serene Lake"  digital painting by Cookie

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