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A Gift of Divine Love

Jyotikar Pattni MBA [aka Tingoo]


I've nothing else to offer,
So, to you, it's love I'll send,

with thousand lights of great delights,

It's nothing that I borrowed,
And it's nothing that I'd lend.

It has no dollar value,
And it can't be overused;
It isn't fragile, so it can't break,

Though, often it's abused.
I've given it to others,
But each time it's unique,

Its meaning's always different;
It depends on what you seek.
It's something you can store away

To feel when you're in need,
But never is it on display;
Its beauty can't be seen.

I'm giving it a "no strings attached" label,
No costly warranty;
This love that I am sending you herewith

is Divine love with thousand lights of Delights!
It has a lifetime guarantee. 
Treasure it! Cherish it!

May thousand lights of Delights grace
upon you LOVE forever!


Dedicated to the love and friendship of my loving wife Mrs. Hasmita Pattni on our wedding anniversary day December 9th, 2006.

(Lo! its Tanzania's independence day too)

Engagement Announcement Special

Everyone's engagement and wedding is special, memorable and a joyous occasion. We are pleased to have our first ever VIP engaged couples in our website. We share their joy along all the other couples who have recently got engaged. Make your Engagements and Weddings a truly memorable occasion. Send us your announcements and a Photo to publish in our own website. It is a wonderful way to share your joy with Pattni friends and relatives worldwide. Send your announcements to

Our Firstever Pattni VIP Couples
Mital to HirenPoonam to PulinPritesh to Teena

Pran C. Arjan – Editor
Poem specially dedicated to our VIP couples


Our VIP couples you are about to make

Together they go towards the nuptial gate

Hold each other in deep affection
All heading straight in the right direction

Just as we all would like to bless
We Parajiya Pattnis rejoice in your happiness

Your coming union not far away
Looking forward for the big wedding day


Spread wings of joy out in Nairobi far and wide
Proclaim the news over Nakuru countryside
Celebrate in Preston in style with pride

These dear ones to us are all set
Mittal to Hiren - Poonam to PulinPritesh to Teena
We are glad you met


Our heartfelt best wishes be always with you

In your sacred journey together, may Mataji bless all of you

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Pallavi - Hiren

Poem Specially Dedicated to Pallavi and Hiren

Scented soft with dew
Velvet touch so beautiful
Reminds me so of you

When I see you in a room
No one else is there
Only Pallavi and Hiren alone
Such rapture you do share
Love that fills you both tenderly

It makes me smile this day
Moving like a silhouette
Your shadow next to each other

When I see this flower bloom
My thoughts of you both remain.


Zamane Main Koi Misaal Na Rahe Baaki Sanam
Banake Apni Zindagi Main Tujhe Itna Pyaar Dun

Zindagi Ki Har Khushi Main Tujhpe Vaar Dun
Banalun Tujhe Dhadkan Aur Khudko Haar Dun

Daulatein Aur Soharatein Milegi Tumko Ye Bahut
Aa Karrib Mere Main, Tujhko Apna Aitbaar Dun

Jala ke Diya Mahobaat Ka Tere Hi Khumaar Mein
Khatam Karke Subha Apni Yeh Shaam Bhi Nisar Dun

Na Kiya Ho Kisine Na Hi Koi Kar Sake Kisike Liye
Main Rok kar Saanson Ko Apni Tujhko Intezaar Dun

Pallavi Ki Kismat Main Hai Tu Hi Saab Kuch
Main Chupake Anchal Apne Aa Tujhko Hiren Bahaar Dun


Poems by Manisha Ghaghada, Coventry, U.K.


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