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Honouring Elders Initiative Profiles


Pioneer Pattni Elders 

Pioneer Pattni Elders of Mombasa

Pioneer Pattni Elders of Nairobi 

Kasturben Damjibhai Ghaghada, age 105 
Meeting with the Oldest Member of our Parajiya Pattni Soni Community 

Maniben Ramjibhai Bhura Vaya 

Narabadaben Laljibhai Jakhya



Prominent Pattni Profiles



Graduation Announcements

This section is to encourage, motivate and inspire our youths. We wish to Profiles all Parajiya Pattnis who have excelled in their field or have made significant contribution to the community. Please nominate and e-mail us their details. Our e-mail -

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