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Proposal to form
The North America Parajiya Pattni Association (NA-PPA)

Some years back, Pattni families in Toronto used to organise Diwali gatherings and picnics.


Somehow, maybe due to lack of a proper structure, it didnít progress further. The interest eventually waned over the years and the members drifted apart busy with their own lives thus losing contacts with each other.


However recently we have seen a big change. The Internet, especially the Pattni Connection website and the Pattni Connection Facebook Group has brought communities across the globe closer together through instant communication.

Some Pattni members who have recently moved to USA or Canada had inquired if there is a Pattni Association in USA or Canada. There are also members who wished to meet and get to know other Pattnis. Since most of the members are subscribed to Pattni Connection, it may be the right time to try and bring our community members living in USA and Canada closer to form a permanent institution.


I am visiting Canada next week. Few of our past PPA UK presidents and committee members who are very experienced in Samaj matters are also joining me in Canada.


There are also some experienced leaders who used to live in Nairobi, Mombasa, S. Africa, India now residing in the USA and Canada who had served our Samaj in the past.


Harnessing all these talents of experienced leaders to draft a constitution will be hugely beneficial and could be an ideal opportunity to form a North American Parajiya Pattni Association.


Since members are scattered, few members will obviously have doubts whether such an association would be practical. I firmly believe that if there is a will then surely there is a way.


I humbly request members to come forward, show your interest and make suggestions. We shall be happy to meet members during our visit to Canada. Please contact me at should you wish to discuss or make any constructive suggestions.


Chat Room Meeting

If there is sufficient interest, if required we can open a Chat Room in the Pattni Connection website where we can all get together and have a virtual meeting on the net.


Dear members, nearly forty five years ago, Pattni members along with tens of thousands of Ugandan Asians were frantically packing their bags to beat Idi Amin's deadline for them to leave the country. During this period many have probably lost touch with other Pattni families especially those living in the USA and Canada.


A formal formation of a Pattni Association and a reunion will be a perfect way to rekindle those relationships and check how our community memberís lives have been progressing.


Let us start the initial consultation. If there is sufficient interest then we can try to organize our own convention either in USA or Canada. I am sure many members from several countries will attend such a convention to show their support and solidarity.

I and the guests from UK look forward meeting many of you during our trip to Canada and make a beginning to form The North America Parajiya Pattni Association!


Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak
Editor / Webmaster / Admin
Committee Member - Akhil Bhartiya Soni Federation
e Member - Rajkot Mahamandal

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