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Message to the UAE Youths participating in the Mega event:

Thank you to UAE Parajiya Soni Samaj for inviting me to write a message for the Mega Youth Talent Cultural Event taking place today evening.

Youth are the future, and without engaging them, their potential to become leaders, inspirators and avtive participation in our community would be lost. Youth play a major role in shaping up the future of community.

UAE Parajiya Soni Samaj Committee members, leaders and volunteers have a played an integral role in bringing youths organising today’s Mega Youth Talent Cultural Event. More than 100 youths participating in the event is remarkable.

Dear youths, your event is followed by our Parajiya Pattni Soni Community globally. Well done youths. Our community is proud of you.

I commend UAE Samaj for this project and wish every single of you all the best for the event.

Pictures and the videos of the event will be uploaded on the Pattni Connection website.

Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak
Editor / Webmaster / Admin – Pattni Connection

Committee Member - Akhil Bhartiya Soni Federation
Committee Member - Rajkot Mahamandal
Advisory Committee - Mumbai Samaj

UAE Parajiya Soni Samaj

Mega Youth Talent Cultural Event

Dear Parajiya Pattni Members Worldwide

On behalf of UAE Parajiya Soni Samaj, would like to wish Jai Mataji to all our Pattni Samaj members residing all over the world.


After more than 40 years of organising Navratri, Sneh-Milan and other programmes by our UAE Samaj, the  youths are been inspired and motivated to form their own group

and participate in such events.


The seed of this idea was sowed in the year 2015 with about 10-15 youth coming forward.


The response since has been overwhelming and the group has enlarged to about 100 such dynamic youths.


With guidance from our dynamic Working Committee and inspiration from the Trustees, with the help of Mrs Bharti H. Dhanak & Mrs Vaishali K. Jagda and others, the group

is bringing a Talent based "Cultural Event of Youth Talent"


Cultural Event of Youth Talent


Friday, 13th May 2016


Evan Hotel, Sharjah UAE

Time: from 6pm to 11pm.

On behalf of all Trustees and the Committee, I would like to extend warm welcome to all our worldwide Pattni members to come and participate in this event. Please support

these young members for showcasing their talents as a part to encourage them in their mission.


This is open Invitation to all Pattni members and request all to forward this to other community members.


We would like to welcome you all at the event whilst travelling via UAE or in case coming to UAE.


You may contact any UAE Samaj members to know more and details to Hasmukhbhai Dhanak ( President) +97150-6520729 or Dilipbhai Jagda (Vice-President)

+97150-6327014, Hirenbhai Sagar (Secretary)+97150-6286242 or Harsukhbhai Sagar +97150-6267501(Music Committee).


- Haresh Dhakan

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