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Jai Mataji !!! Aavyaa chhe Mataji na Nortaa Relol


Report by Haresh Dhakan

Last night I had an opportunity to witness the Navratri by our Parajiya Soni Samaj UAE at Wonderland (Water Park) in Dubai. It was  a Thursday night (weekend holiday). In UAE the weekend runs from Friday to Saturday.


The night saw an amazing crowd of all communities from all over U.A.E. where open-air venue had numbers beyond 4000 people, leaving no space to stand on the ground or walkways. People landed up at the place outside the main entrance...WOW!!

By the grace of God & blessings from Mataji, our Parajiya Soni Samaj UAE is fortunate to get generous donations and sponsors.  Such a support helped our enthusiastic committee members and volunteers to be able to organise Navratri event not for a day or two but for ALL the days of Navratri.....10 nights including Dusserah.


Hats-off to all their wonderful efforts!!

As the years have gone by our Samaj has undergone various phases and eventually has become the most sought Navratri in the region providing the most comfortable, family oriented and full of positive energy.

The venue had some very innovative sound, lighting and music. Special seating arranged was made for the VIPs and general public.


Delicious snacks (Gaathiya - Jalebi, Pav Bhaaji) including Jain/Farali with refreshing tea and most sought Baraf Gola (ice candy) just few to mention were available at the special designated area. It also acted as the place for Meeters & Greeters.


The dancing ground area was absolutely packed with players enjoying the Garba & Daandiyaa with the beats of traditional Gujarati & Hindi music by troupe from Mumbai playing the favourite numbers.

The fun at the Navratri is a MUST to see when visiting UAE. Do make a point of attending UAE Navratri and witness yourself the atmosphere.


The credit goes to the entire committee members of Shree Parajiya Soni Samaj U.A.E.

Signing off.....Jai Mataji

Haresh Dhakan


From Editor:

UAE Parajiya Soni Samaj Navratri is the biggest social celebration in our community in the world. To organise an event at such a grand scale accommodating thousands of participants, music, food and plenty of razzmatazz requires military style operation.


The credit for organising such a wonderful Navratri surely goes to the President Birenbhai Ghaghada, the committee members and the team of volunteers. My best wishes to all UAE Parajiya Soni Members on these auspicious days of Navratri.


Pranbhai Chhaganbhai Dhanak

Editor / Webmaster