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(turn on the speakers and enjoy Mataji garbo)

Shree Parajiya Soni Samaj, U.A.E.

UAE Soni Samaj Dandiya Festival 2009 Awards Ceremony

Photos Album 96 - UAE Dandiya festival


Memorable 'NAVRATRI FESTIVAL" 2009 - A success Story

Haresh Dhakan

Jai Mataji


This is again a year of another success story for the UAE Parajiya's has the committee unwieldy with their enthusiastic committee members bringing all their efforts & initiative, getting together restlessly to present the Samaj members another memorable 'NAVRATRI FESTIVAL" for the year 2009.

UAE Samaj Working Committee & Volunteers
For photos click Album 93 - UAE Soni Samaj Navratri 2009 - Part 1


It was certainly not an easy task specially to arrange Funds in such difficult times but some how Parajiyas managed getting best of Navratri packed with ALL the best ingredients with their dedication.


Let me take you all to the Navratri event, a TEN nights from 22nd September to 1st October, 2009 at the Sudanese Club again with the music of Craze Makers from India a 16 member electrifying troupe managed by Mr Bakul Pandya & Hemal Shah and the renowned singers Chetan Rana, Sheetal Naik & Dharna Pahwa singing Garba & songs in Gujarati & Hindi.


I too had witnessed few times to the beautifully decorated arena of the Sudanese club where all the amenities were taken care for the Samaj members to enjoy every moment during the Navratri festival. It was a well managed & systematically handled by the management from the gates for entry without creating any nuisances for the road, with seating for the people who would enjoy watching their siblings or kids engrossed with "RAAS - GARBA" which also was illuminated with halogens & speakers reaching one & all to the rhythm of daandiya & music.


Every night there were competitions for the Best Dressed, Best Player in each category of Children as well as adults, this not only also encouraged the members to participate whole heartedly but with full energy giving their best in the event obviously cannot undermine the best musical troupe of 16 members & the singers entertaining the crowd with their vocal talents.


Festival means also EATS & there were also stalls serving HOT snacks PAV-WADA, PAV-BHAJI, cold & hot beverages (CHAAI-THANDAA) & not to miss the special stall for Baraf ka Gola (Ice-candy) which was one of the highlights during the festival.

Sneh- Milan(New Year) - Students Encouragement Programme

Click for photos New Year Sneh Milan & Educational Encouragement Scheme 2009

After the Navratri utsav we are looking forward now for the upcoming Sneh-Milan(New Year)/Students Encouragement Programme which will be a GRAND feast of all samaj members getting together from all over the UAE.


Will be back with the details after our Nutan Varsh (New Year)


Let me now wish ALL our Pattni members a very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year & also take the opportunity on behalf of our Samaj in U.A.E & its committee member’s invitation to attend the SNEH-MILAN & Students Encouragement Programme on 19th October, 2009 at Sudanese Club from 7pm till mid-night.


Thank You & Jai Hind

Haresh Dhakan

For photos click Album 93 - UAE Soni Samaj Navratri 2009 - Part 1









The most cultural and colorful event “NAVARATRI FESTIVAL 2009”will be taking place after a successful celebration last year with your kind co-operation.  “DANDYA-RAAS




Bur Dubai.


This festival will begin from

Tuesday 22/09/09 to Monday 01/10/09

The timings for this auspicious event shall be starting from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM each night.


We have been celebrating this fun-filled occasion for a handful of decades, so why not unite once again and heat up this energetic, musical and dancing extravaganza. This will be fueled by one of the best bands of Mumbai, “CRAZE-MAKERS” led by MR. BAKUL PANDYA, with his 16 group members including the very famous male singer MR. CHETAN RANA with the female singers MISS DHARNA PAHWA & MRS SHEETAL NAIK They will be performing with full flash the very popular Hindi tracks along with the Gujarati filmy and folk songs including “Rass-Garba”.


We would appreciate your keen interest in the SPONSORSHIP for PRIZE given to daily basis for best


plus for our CRAZE MAKERS BAND TROUPS to given appreciation GIFT or PRASAD SEWA.


Please let’s puts hand together once again make this event’s at very grand successive mode.