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Album 105 - New Committee & Gala Cultural Evening

Dilip H. Jagada

This in accordance with the annual general meeting followed by an evening of cultural program was held at Astoria hotel, Bur Dubai on 7th May 2010.


Our Ex-President P.H. Dhakan & the new President Mr. Biren D. Ghaghada opened the meeting at 6.00pm with lighting of the sacred cultural flame, Deep-Pragatya. It followed with the speeches by the newly elected committee thereby handing over the responsibilities and duties of the Samaj to the new committee members. Our past committee members were then given a memento as an appreciation for the services to the community.


We then moved on to an evening of cultural program that kicked off on a good note. Thirty seven young artists performed showing their talents like singing, solo dance, group dance & mimicry to a highly appreciative audience. Wholehearted cheers and applaud showed the crowd really appreciated their performances. These young talents were awarded a certificate of appreciation by the committee members for their contribution.


Last but not the least there was a drama named "SONI BHAI JAAGO, JAAGYA TYANTI SAVAR". This drama was led by Mr. Rasik Odhavji Ghaghada (fani) who himself is the writer of the script and a member of the newly formed committee. The other young talents to perform in this act were:- JAY.P.JAGADA, MUKESH.H.JAGADA, PRATIK.A.SAGAR, SUMER.M.SAGAR, MONTU.K.GHAGHADA and MEHUL.H.SAGAR.

Album 105 - New Committee & Gala Cultural Evening


Delicious Dinner with Pav Bhaji & Gulab Jamun

Refreshments and snacks were served during the evening. The main course was the delicious Pav Bhaji & Gulab Jamun that all members enjoyed eating heartily.


We hope the new committee to serve the samaj and its members in same manner in the future as the outgoing committee.


We would like to conclude on a note that this evening was a very memorable evening for everyone who had come to be the apart of this event.  


Note: We would like to make a special request to all our committee members to bring along their entire families whenever there is a Samaj function. It is our aim to get the maximum numbers to participate. Your kind presence and participation at future events will ensure the strength and success of all our committee activities.


Thank Yo

Dilip H. Jagada

Hon 2nd Secretary

Album 105 - New Committee & Gala Cultural Evening