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New Parajiya Pattni Soni’s Suvarna hospital making history

A Brand New 8 Floor New Hospital to be built in Borivali, Mumbai “Bhumi Pujan” - sacred ground breaking ceremony to be held on Saturday, 4th February 2017.

Suvarna Charitable Trust made up entirely of Pattni Soni members, have undertaken the task of rebuilding a brand new 8 storey hospital.

Bhumi Pujan will take place on Saturday, 4th February 2017 at the auspicious time at 10.01am. Bhumi Pujan is a traditional Hindu puja which is performed before the construction of a building to receive the blessing of God.


Invitations extended worldwide community
Invitation to attend this auspicious ceremony were sent worldwide to all Pattni Samaj, leaders and donors.

Our webmaster Pranbhai Dhanak who is also the committee member for the Federation, Mumbai and Rajkot Samaj, received the parcel of invitations addressed to UK leaders and donors. Pranbhai went around to deliver most of these invitaitons personally in London and others have been sent by post.

Donate in Memory
Haribhai Dhakan declares a Generous donation of Rs 2.51 crore (approx £300,000 GBP)

During the committee meeting with the Mumbai Samaj and Suvarna Hospital Trustees, Chairman of the trust, Haribhai Devdanbhai Dhakan, in his phone call to Pranbhai, he pledged a generous donation of  Rs 2.51 crore towards the hospital.

However Haribhai also wish to convey the message to the community that he would welcome any member of our community to offer higher amount. The hospital then will be dedicated as per the wish of the major donor.

Making an 'in memory' donation to charity is a valuable and positive way to celebrate the life of a relative, friend or other loved one. Haribhai has assured his full support to the highest donor.

There will also be more opportunities to make donations for individual wards that will be named after major donors. Further details will be sent our in the near future.

We wish Suvarna Hospital Trust and Shree Mumbai Samaj all the very best for the Bhumi Pujan on Saturday.