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Distribution of Sewing Machines to the Parajiya Pattni Families in Surat


Gujarat Parajiya Talent Group - Surat News


Pareshbhai Dhakan of Parajiya Talent Group, Surat along with Naginbhai Jagda of Texas, USA jointly organised the distribution of
15 sewing machines to our needy community families.


The Parajiya Talent Group supports and regularly organise charity events, medical assistant and other social work all over India to
help our community members.


15 machines were previously distributed on 16 December 2020, 4 machines distributed in Surat and the rest 11 were given away
to the community families residing outside Surat.


Few months ago, Naginbhai Jagda with the support of the charity called Arpan Foundation had also distributed 22 machines to
community families in Rajkot.


The main aim of donating such sewing machines is to make the needy family to become self reliant to support their family.


We take this opportunity to thank Naginbhai Jagda and Prafulbhai Goswami of Arpan Foundation for their effort to raise
Rs 1,00,000 to buy these machines. The families who received the machines sent their heartfelt thanks to the donors.


We welcome donations for the various charitable projects that we have undertaken for the future.


Please contact Pareshbhai - Parajiya Talent Group. Tel: 7878281280.