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Sunilbhai Dhanak, Editor of Parajiya Samachar visit UK

PPA Luton & MK Honours visiting Rajkot committee member

Sunilbhai Dhanak, Editor of Parajiya Samachar Honoured by PPA Luton & MK

Bharat Devdanbhai Dhanak, Sunil Ramnikbhai Dhanak, Vrajlal Popatlal Challa, Ashish Chandulal Ghaghada

 Standing - Jagdish Dulhabdas Vaya, Praful Maganlal Challa, Sailesh Jamnadas Katira, Vipin Ranchhoddas Challa, Harish Ranchhoddas Challa


Our Samaj committees in India have the tradition to give a warm welcome to the visiting dignitaries. Parajiya Pattni Association, Luton did likewise and arranged a dinner reception to welcome Sunilbhai Dhanak who in UK last month to attend a wedding.

Jagdish Dulhabdas Vaya, Bharat Devdanbhai Dhanak, Sunil Ramnikbhai Dhanak, Ashish Chandulal Ghaghada, Vipin Ranchhoddas Challa

A reception dinner was held at the Alankar restaurant in Sunilbhai’s honour. Such dinners allow fruitful discussions on Samaj issues and free exchange of ideas in social interaction. I am sure such meetings would make us all richer in knowledge and ideas for the betterment of our community. Photo of the dinner meeting is uploaded on the website.


I had to send my apologies for not able to attend either the dinner at Alankar or the picnic that was organised. Vice-President Ashish Pattni informed me by phone that there was a good turnout at the picnic. We hope to receive photos of the picnic soon.


Sunilbhai welcomed at Pranbhai’s residence

Atithi Devo Bhava


Sunilbhai Dhanak was also given a warm welcome in London as my chief guest where we had  delicious appetizers and a barbecue party that was attended by several  invited Pattni members.


Lots of discussions took place around various Samaj issues including the forthcoming Student Award’s ceremony, launch of new Rajkot website and launch of forthcoming Matrimonial on line for Pattni members.

More information on Sunilbhai’s visit to the UK will be published in the September issue of Parajiya Samachar.