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An appeal for Sewing Machines touched the hearts all over Pattni Global Community


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Heartfelt pleas by Applicants for Sewing Machines

Rajkot Mahamandal has to date received 38 applications for sewing machines. Word is still spreading around villages and a flood of applications are expected after the next month’s publication of Parajiya Samachar.


Few days ago, Rajkot Mahamandal went through all applications received and they were moved by reading these emotional heartfelt letters pleading for machines.


One of the letters is published herewith.


Letter received from Ratilal Kanjibhai Thadeswar’s mother

Ratilal Kanjibhai Thadeshwar

Date 20 Dec 2013


To The Rajkot Mahamandal Committee:

We understand that the Rajkot Samaj is going to distribute sewing machines.


I am the widowed mother and my son Ratilal Kanjibhai Thadeshwar lives with me. The person in the photograph is Ratilal Kanjibhai who is deaf and mute from birth. He is currently working for someone where he makes cloth bags by using sewing machine.


With humbleness, I would like to request Rajkot Samaj if you can provide him with a sewing machine. This will enable him to start his own work independently at home and make these cloth bags. This will help both of us to generate income to self-sustain ourselves.


Respected Sir, we are barely surviving on the meager income from my hard working son Ratilal.


I shall be very much obliged if you can provide my son with a sewing machine that will help us come out of the poverty trap.


Ratilal’s Ba

on behalf of Ratilal

Mob: 9726231612