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Shri Samasta Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal
Rajkot, India


Dhirubhai Haribhai Sagar

Chairman Education Committee
Jayantibhai Mohanbhai Dhakan

Vice President
Bharatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda

Editor, Parajiya Samachar
Sunilbhai Ramnikbhai Dhanak

Mohitbhai Chimanlal Kagdada

Asst. Secretary
Pravinbhai Parshottam Dhorda


An appeal for sewing machines fund for the needy - 2014

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Pranbhai Dhanak, Webmaster honoured 2013

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Editor / Webmaster of Pattni Connection Website,
Shree Pranbhai Dhanak Honoured
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Visit to Racecourse Lions Club, Rajkot
by the Editor/Webmaster Pranbhai Dhanak from London

Distribution of Machines to the needy community sisters

held on 26th January 2014 at Rajkot

report by Sunilbhai Dhanak, editor, Parajiya Samachar

The first distribution of machine took place at the Rajkot Samaj building on
the India’s Republic Day, Sunday, 26th January in the presence of many guests from India and overseas.



Guests from Overseas: Harshadbhai Rana, Pattni Brotherhood Trustee (Nairobi), Naginbhai Jagada (USA), Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak, Pattni Connection webmaster (London),
Kantilal Narandas Ghaghada, Pravinbhai Danabhai Dhanak, Kundanben Pattni, Lalitaben and Arunaben, Kumudben Pranlal Dhanak, Dakshaben Kantibhai Ghaghada, Madhuben Pravinbhai Dhanak - from London.


Guests from India: Bhupatbhai Dhorda (past Rajkot Samaj president), Pannabhai Tulshidas Challa, Haribhai Parshottambhai Thadeswar, Nanubhai Dhakan, Hareshbhai Dhanak, Bharatbhai Chauhan,


Rajkot Committee: Dhirubhai Sagar (President), Jayantibhai Dhakan (Education secretary), Sunilbhai Dhanak (Editor, Parajiya Samachar), Harshadbhai Sagar & Rajnibhai Dhanak (committee members) Rajubhai Dhorda (President, Youth Group).


Mahila Mandal: Ritaben Dhanak, Jyotiben Dhanak, Pragnaben Dhorda, Pritiben Ghaghada, and other guests.


Ceremony conducted by Sunilbhai Dhanak, Editor, Parajiya Samachar


Naginbhai Jagda with the financial backing by Bhaskerbhai Devji of Bahrain had organized such events in the past for the needy donating Wheel chairs, Tricycle and Jaipur foot that was featured on Pattni Connection website.


Honoured for their services to the community - Harshadbhai Rana, Pranbhai Dhanak, Naginbhai Jagada


Harshadbhai Rana impressed with Naginbhai’s noble work joined him and invited Rajkot Mahandal committee to join them in their charity work. In October 2013, Mahamandal organized the distribution of 11 sewing machines to our needy community members. Pranbhai Dhanak, the webmaster of Pattni Connection later joined and took over the responsibility of giving publicity to highlight the noble project, appealed for funds and collections of donations.


Guests welcomed by the Mahamandal committee


Our community was touched by the plight of our needy fellow members and rallied behind to support the appeal. Thanks to the generosity of our PPPs - Proud Parajiya Pattni Sonis worldwide we received donations and pledges for more than 110 sewing machines. This was a historic occasion when for the first time in the history the Pattnis worldwide united for a worthwhile cause.


Guests welcomed by Mahila Mandal

Guests welcomed by Mahila Mandal

The distribution of sewing machines was held on Sunday 26th January 2014 in the afternoon at 4.00pm at the Rajkot Boarding. Many beneficiaries started arriving from early afternoon; some travelled far distances from villages and towns. Lunch and refreshments were provided before the starting the function.


Registration process of applicants                               Lunch before the start of the ceremony

All visiting dignitaries and guests were welcomed and garlanded by the Rajkot committee members.


The ceremony was conducted by Sunilbhai Dhanak.


Welcome speech by Mahamandal President Dhirubhai Sagar

Harshadbhai Rana             -         Pranbhai Dhanak            -                Naginbhai Jagada


Harshadbhai Rana in his speech said that presenting the sewing machines to our Samaj sisters will mark the beginning of a new life and give hope to stand on their own feet. This is not a handout but a support at the time of need so all should not be hesitant to accept our token gestures.


Pranbhai Dhanak stressed on the importance of team work. Rajkot Committee members’ hard work in organising such an event, publicity on Pattni Connection website, generosity of our community and all other volunteers’ contribution made this project possible.


President Dhirubhai Sagar and Naginbhai Jagada in their speeches congratulated the Rajkot Mahamandal for their hard work in providing and organising the function. Naginbhai was confident that all the beneficiaries will progress in their lives and expressed his best wishes.


A special mention was given to all Samaj youths, students, Ashwinbhai Dhorda, Silipbhai Thadeswar, Sureshbhai Dhorda, Himabhai Dhorda, Bhupendrabhai Hanj, Dhirubhai Ghaghada, Pareshbhai Thadeswar and others for their hard work that was appreciated by all.





Very special thanks to Bhupatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda who undertook to pay for the cost of lunch and refreshments.



Sewing machines distribution by Mahila Mandal


Full list of all donors and sponsors of the camp are published on the website.


In this first phase, 80 machined were distributed. The date for the second phase will be announced later. The names of 80 beneficiaries in the first phase are published in the February edition of Parajiya Samachar and will be posted on the Pattni Connection website soon.




Sunilbhai Dhanak

Hon. Editor. Parajiya Samachar