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Shree Parajiya Pattani Soni Samaj Trust - Surat

Shree Samasta Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal - Rajkot



6th Grand Samuh Vivah Sanskar at Rajkot

24 Couples tied Nuptial Knots in Rajkot

More than 8000 Guests participated in the Samuh Lagna

More than 8000 Parajiya Pattni Soni members participated in one of the largest Samuh Lagna ever held in the community where 24 couples got married.


The jaan of 24 grooms become a large procession, with own band-bajja and janaiyas dancing and singing on the street. Local roads were closed as the jaan, bridegrooms’ wedding procession accompanied by their family and the community members made their way to the lagna venue.


The jaan, headed by a display of fireworks and accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol, reached the meeting point, where the elders of both the families met (samaiya) and greeted each other.


Two videos uploaded herewith have managed to capture the mood so well. Enjoy.


An Appeal for your support


We are pleased to inform our community that we have organised a grand Samuh Lagna Sanskar on Sunday, 12th February 2012. This will be the first time in our community’s history that there will be a record 25 couples of our community couples who will be participating in this year’s Samuh Lagna.


We appreciate your donation
We are looking for support from our community to help us to undertake such a monumental task. We appeal to you with a heartfelt request to help us so that we can help our community brethrens.


Kanyadaan is Mahadaan

Kanyadaan is often dubbed as 'mahadaan' - a donation of the highest order. It is one of the greatest daans of ones lifetime. It becomes our duty to support such Samuh Lagna and give daan to kanya.


We are confident that our community members will come forward in this time of need and donate generously. If anybody who want to donate money for the SAMUH LAGNA, then please contact following members listed below.

Wedding Venue
Shree Kathiawad Bhatia Vidyarthi Bhavan

Opp. Junction Railway Station




Shree Rajnikant Dhakan - Surat

+ 91 98251 11426


Shree Jayantibhai Dhakan - Rajkot

+91 98256 49813


Shree Pranbhai Dhanak - London
+44 7956 442107


Shree Raskbhai Dhakan – Surat

+91 98242 91656


Shree Sunilbhai Dhanak – Rajkot

+91 98242 91656


Shree Mahendrabhai Jagda – Dubaim UAE

+97 15560 58798