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An Interview with Pranbhai Dhanak (Editor/Webmaster - Pattni Connection)

Shree Amubhai Dhakan (Past Editor - Parajiya Samachar)


by Phool Chab - Times of India and other dailies


Connecting Parajiya Pattni Soni Samaj Worldwide -

Pattni Connection . Com


Living in the UK for many years, Pranlalbhai launched a community website called

Pattni Connection . Com


News of Pattni community now reaches all Pattni members worldwide in minutes


Pranlalbhai visiting the Rajkot Soni Samaj discussed with the community leaders to form “The World Fedration of Parajiya Pattni”


An interview with Shree Pranlalbhai and the Lions Club President Shree Amubhai Dhakan

Report by Kishor Dodia