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Goodwill Message by the Editor of Pattni Connection,

Shree Pranlalbhai Chhaganbhai Dhanak (London)

during his visit to Rajkot Mahamandal

Twenty Third July 2009 will become a memorable day of my visit to Rajkot Mahamandal in India.


I met the executive committee under the leadership of President Dhirubhai Sagar. My wife Kumudben and I were warmly received by everyone. The committee took me through various Samaj’s activities.  Mahamandal has been established nearly 40 years ago and has been organising various social and cultural programmes and providing vital services to the community. I was particularly impressed with the help Mahamandal is providing at the Boarding. There are not enough words to express my appreciation to the Samaj committee member’s dedication to serve.

It is important that we support financially when a need arises, help and sponsor student scholarships, offer assistance in their education cost, subsidise Medical expenses to the needy etc., It is easier said than done. Despite all the difficulties, the committee members and the volunteers sacrifice their own precious time to serve the community is an inspiration for all of us.


There will always be a need for funds to support above activities. Thus it is important to make aware of the Samaj financial needs to the Pattni members living outside India.


Education is important in today’s world. This is an age of computers. There has been a revolution in communication since 1995. Starting then, computers with Internet access and mobile phones became a regular part of the landscape and transformed our lives. Suddenly a whole world of information was available, and we could talk to people almost anytime, anywhere. At home, at work, we are in touch.


We have taken the advantage of this technology to serve our Pattni community. Now we can inform Pattni members living in the far corners of the world in minutes. I have been hosting our Pattni community website for the past five years and also been serving as an Editor /Webmaster. After my nearly three hour meeting with the committee members, we came to a conclusion that their widely read monthly Mahamandal’s newsletter Parajiya Samachar published in Gujarati to be translated into English and put it on our Pattni Connection website. That way we can spread the message to all those Pattni members who cannot read Gujarati and will hopefully encourage them to come forward and become more active in the Samaj activities.


The majority of our Pattni Samaj and Associations have joined our Pattni Connection website. That has given us a thought to unite all Pattni Samaj under one umbrella and form “The World Federation of Parajiya Pattni Samaj”. This is our dream and our mission. We appeal to all Pattni Samajs and Associations to work together in order to fulfill the dream and turn it into an exciting reality


Finally I would like to thank the Mahamandal Committee for their wonderful hospitality. You make us all really proud of your community.

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Parajiya Samachar   1      2      3     4