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Editorial – Parajiya Samachar

By Sunil Dhanak, Editor

Shri Samasta Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal, Rajkot, India

We are living in the computer age. It has given us the ability of transmitting information instantly. Pattni Connection website with t
he Internet technology has altered the mode of communication within our Parajiya Pattni community and has given the community an instant access to information and knowledge that would have been difficult or impossible to find previously.


Editor/Webmaster of the Pattni Connection website, London based Shree Pranbhai Chhaganbhai Arjan Dhanak using today’s technology has reached out and managed to connect the community members living in the far corners of the world.


It is quite understandable that many families are finding that their children are unable to read and write and speak in their mother tongue Gujarati. So through the Pattni Connection media this section of our community now benefits from getting our community news.

Editor Shree Pranlalbhai and his wife Smt Kumudben visit Rajkot Mahamandal.


Rajkot Mahamandal had also taken advantage of the computer age by having a Hemraj Computer Lab at the Samaj boarding and launched its own community website So our Mahamandal was already connected with Pranlalbhai but our communication was limited. Now that Pranlalbhai has personally visited the Mahamandal and after exchange of opinions and having discussions on how Pattni Connection website can be useful to promote and inform all Pattni members worldwide of Rajkot Samaj’s activities. Mahamandal committee members briefed Pranlalbhai on the Samaj activities. He then visited the Boarding where he met Pattni students. He took a keen interest on their studies and was quite impressed with the facilities students are provided by the Mahamandal.


During the visit, in order to provide facility of providing purified cold water to students, Pranlalbhai offered to install a cooler in memory of his mother Late Kantaben Chhaganlal Dhanak. His offer was welcomed and was immediately implemented. Rajkot Mahamandal committee would like to thank Pranlalbhai for his generosity in his donations to the Medical Fund, Education Fund and to The Food fund In memory of his father Late Shree Chhaganbhai Arjan Dhanak’s first death anniversary. We pray for God's continued blessing upon Pranlalbhai and the work that he is doing to serve our community.


Many of you may be aware that Rajkot Mahamandal’s boarding accommodates around 45 students. The cost of maintaining each student is approximately Rs 18,000. Mahamandal also give awards to students to encourage them to excel in their fields. The award ceremony cost approx. Rs 150,000. Mahamandal also sends out money orders worth Rs 18,000 monthly. That way we support around 400 Pattni students nationally.


Medical expenses have prohibitively expensive for many Pattni members. Mahamandal helps these needy members to the amount of between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 monthly. Mahamandal has also made arrangement with few pharmacies where these families can go and collect medicine free of charge.


All such activities need your support. It is only with your generosity that we can fulfill all over task to support the needy. Pattni members living in India and abroad have always supported the Mahamandal in the past and we shall always be grateful to them. We sincerely hope that members maintain their generosity and will encourage the new generation to do likewise.


Sunil Dhanak


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