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Rajkot Paraj Vansh Yuva Garbi Mandal

Navratri Festival 2018 Accounts


Rajkot youths organised its first ever Navratri festival last October.

Thanks to the generous donations, they managed to organised it for the full nine days and the response was very encouraging.

The Garbi Mandal has decided that it is important to have the cost transparency that provides a view of where money was actually
being spent throughout the Navratri Festival.

The total donation received was Rs 508,785. Total expenditure was Rs 355,500 thus giving a surplus of Rs 153,285.
Most of the amount is now in the Fix deposit to be used for the next Navratri.

Parajvansh Yuva Garbi Mandal, Rajkot would like to thank all for their support.

Full list of donors and the accounts are as follows: