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Momai Maa


Momai Mataji Madh - Appeal for Funds

by Bipinbhai Dhanak, Rajkot


Momai Mataji's Madh is located in Saurastra, Gujarat. This Madh is in Khajuri Gundara near Jetpur which is two hours drive from Rajkot. This Madh is about 400 years old. Six years ago this madh was in a small house. Very few Dhanak Families used to visit regularly because not many were aware of this Madh.


Five year ago, with the blessing of Momai Mataji, it was rebuilt and now is almost five times bigger. (photo of the Madh is attached) After being rebuilt every year, about 50 to 75 people were coming in the Havan.


On the last Dussehra day, Sunday, 21st October 2007, Dhanak families performed their annual Havan. We all were surprised to see a large turnout of 250 Dhanak brothers and sisters who came to attend this Dusherra havan.  This was the first time that there were such a large number of attendances at Momai Mataji's Madh.


There is a small house for sale which is exactly next to Madh.  With such a huge response from the Dhanak families, the Dhanak committee decided to go ahead and buy that small house.


I would request all Dhanak families to visit this Madh for Momai Matajiís blessing whenever they next visit India.


Appeal for Funds

This madh is now almost five years old. The Madh needs little renovation and painting. Due to the lack of funds we are currently unable to complete this work.


This appeal is to request all our Dhanak brothers for a donation. No matter how small you can donate, all these funds will be very helpful. All the funds will be used for the for Momai Mataji's Madh only.


Dhanak members are most welcome to contact me directly. It would be my pleasure to discuss this matter. My cell number is +91-99245-80884, residence number is +91-281-2227249. E-mail -


Bipin Dhanak




I have got details of MATAJI'S NEVAID from our Barot. As all Dhanak Family's have to do compulsory Navaid, I have got the details on Nevaid printed in bulk and we distribute them to all Dhanak families who come to the Mataji's madh. I think this information will be useful for other Dhanak Family's who are settled abroad and also to new generation. If it possible we can forward this information to other Dhanak brothers who are regular in touch with our Pattni Connection website. (Information is now uploaded on the website)


Reminder: - Momai Maa Havan in Mumbai this Thursday, 22nd November

We would like to remind all Dhanak families about our Kuldevi Momai Maa Havan on Thursday 22nd November 2007 at Soni Wadi, Borivali, Mumbai. Hiteshbhai Dhanak has informed us that they are expecting many guests from abroad. All of them will be given a very warm welcome. So if you are in Mumbai, whether you are a Dhanak or not, this is a good opportunity attend this Maha Havan that will last for two days.


Full details on the Momai Maa Havan is posted on our website


- Editor