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Shri Samasta Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal
Rajkot, India

Dhirubhai Haribhai Sagar

Chairman Education Committee
Jayantibhai Mohanbhai Dhakan

Vice President
Bharatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda

Editor, Parajiya Samachar
Sunilbhai Ramnikbhai Dhanak

Mohitbhai Chimanlal Kagdada

Asst. Secretary
Pravinbhai Parshottam Dhorda

 Education Awards 2012

Navratri 2012

Samuh Lagna 2012

Sneh Milan 2012

Education Awards 2011

Editor Sunilbhai Dhanak welcomed in UK

Momai Mataji Madh - Appeal for Funds


Education Awards 2010

Education Awards 2009

Parajiya Samachar in English

Diwali and Sneh Milan 2009 - Education Awards Programme

Amubhai Dhakan for Padma Shree Award

Community Facilitation Programme 2007

Appeal for Donation

Lions Racecourse Trust - Launch of “Hunf”

Editor / Webmaster of Pattni Connection Website,
Shree Pranbhai Dhanak Honoured
by the Rajkot Soni Samaj

Memorial Donation in memory
of Late Kantaben Chhaganlal Arjan Dhanak

Pranbhai Dhanak (Editor/Webmaster -
Pattni Connection) interview

Pranbhai’s interview newspaper clippings

Pranbhai’s visit to the School for the Blind Girls

Visit to Racecourse Lions Club, Rajkot
by the Editor/Webmaster Pranbhai Dhanak from London


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Invitation to CelebrateTHE GOLDEN JUBILEE     &    Golden Jubilee Celebration Report

Shree Samast Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal

Rajkot, India


Pranbhai Dhanak honoured by Rajkot Mahamandal

Harshadbhai and Lilavantiben Rana presenting memento to Pranbhai Dhanak

Pranbhai Dhanak honoured by Rajkot Mahamandal

Pattni Connection webmaster, Pranbhai Dhanak was honoured during Rajkot Mahamandal’s Golden Jubilee celebration held last April 2013. A souvenir memento was presented in recognition for his services to the Parajiya Pattni Soni community.


President Dhirubhai Sagar and the committee requested Harshadbhai Rana who was invited as the chief guest, to present the Golden Jubilee Memento on their behalf to Pranbhai during.


Harshadbhai Rana during his visit to UK last week invited Pranbhai at his London residence to present the memento on behalf of Rajkot Mahamandal.


Sculpture of Unity – An Appreciation Gift by Lilavantiben and Harshadbhai Rana

Harshadbhai Rana - Pranbhai Dhanak - Lilavantiben Rana


Sculpture of Unity – An Appreciation Gift by Lilavantiben and Harshadbhai Rana to Pranbhai

Apart from the presentation of Rajkot Mahamandal’s Memento, a “Sculpture of Unity” was presented by Lilavantiben and Harshadbhai Rana in appreciation for Pranbhai’s untiring work to unite the Parajiya Pattni Samaj worldwide,


This beautiful piece of artistic work in bronze is a handcrafted sculpture representing the love, strength and unity. As our community is getting closer due to the Pattni Connection website as one large family, this sculpture of two large and three small figures joined seamlessly, focus on the bonds that connect us with those we love.


Thank You Rajkot Mahamandal for giving me the Honour
From Editor/Webmaster

I thank, President Dhirubhai Sagar and the Rajkot Mahamandal committee for recognizing Pattni Connection website and the honour which was bestowed on me in my absence at the Golden Jubilee celebrations.


It is a wonderful memento of a very special day in our Samaj’s history that is highly appreciated.


I pray God’s richest blessings, not only on this historic event, but also upon Rajkot Mahamandal’s devoted committee members in the years to come, so that the spirit of worldwide unity may inspire them to fresh endeavours in our community development.

Thank You Lilavantiben and Harshadbhai

I also thank Lilavantiben and Harshadbhai Rana for their special gift. Their gesture of a souvenir memento is highly appreciated. This artistic piece will always remind me of our closeness and joy of family.


I look forward working very closely with Harshabhai to further our goal – To form the World Federation of Parajiya Pattni Sonis.


Pranlal C Arjan Dhanak

Editor / Webmaster / Admin


Celebrating 8 Successful Years

Serving Parajiya Pattni Soni Community Worldwide