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Shri Samasta Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal
Rajkot, India

Dhirubhai Haribhai Sagar

Chairman Education Committee
Jayantibhai Mohanbhai Dhakan

Vice President
Bharatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda

Editor, Parajiya Samachar
Sunilbhai Ramnikbhai Dhanak

Mohitbhai Chimanlal Kagdada

Asst. Secretary
Pravinbhai Parshottam Dhorda

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Editor / Webmaster of Pattni Connection Website,
Shree Pranbhai Dhanak Honoured
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Shree Samast Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal

Rajkot, India

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Invitation to CelebrateTHE GOLDEN JUBILEE

Rajkot Mahamandal’s Golden Jubilee celebrations

VIP Guests with Rajkot Mahamandal Committee

Deep Pragtaya by President Dhirubhai Sagar and Chief Guest Harshadbhai Rana

VIP Guests

To see more pictures please clickRajkot Mahamandal Golden Jubilee Celebrations Photos

Harshadbhai Rana making keynote speech

VIP Couple! 


President Dhirubhai having deep discussion with Harshadbhai

Members attending the historical event

To see more pictures clickRajkot Mahamandal Golden Jubilee Celebrations Photos

Rajkot Mahamandal’s Golden Jubillee celebrations got underway today. The committee invited the well known personality of our community, Harshadbhai Rana to be their chief guest.


Between 2,500 and 3,000 Pattni members from all over India and abroad attended the opening ceremony this morning.


10,000 crowd expected

Tonight’s dairo is expected to draw nearly 6,000 attendees and tomorrow Sunday, a record 10,000 members are expected to participate in this mega event.


Harshadbhai Rana and Rajkot Mahamandal President Dhirubhai Sagar phoned me twice today to keep me informed of the mega event.


Congratulatory messages

Congratulatory messages from other Samaj committees to Rajkot Samaj have already started coming in.

e-mails from:-

Federation President Dhirajlal Dhakan

Jamnagar Samaj President Kantibhai Ghaghada and

Mombasa Samaj Chairman Bharatbhai Bhimjibhai Ratanshi Dhanak is posted on the website. More will be posted as I get them.


Members are most welcome to use the Guestbook on the website to send messages to the Rajkot committee.


Shri Akhil Bhartiya Parajiya Soni Gnati Federation

c/o Soni Bording, 2-Rajputpara, Jamnagar, India

Tel 0288 2678097

It is a matter of pride that Mahamandal, Rajkot is completing 50 years of its formation providing social services to our community welfare. Parajiya Soni members are fortunate to have an institute with such long tenure of service to the community.

As a head of all the institutes - Federation - I am very happy to note that Mahamandal, Rajkot is also part of this big co-coordinating institute of Parajiya Soni Gnati. Mahamandal after joining the Federation had also recently arranged an executive meeting at their doorstep at Mohanbhai Hall.

We wish that Trustees with the help of community donors and supported by all Pattnis we can make our Pattni Community "Proud Pattni" in near future.

I congratulate Shri Dhirubhai Sagar, his team and all donors of Rajkot Mahamandal and wish them fast and prosperous development of institute.

Dhirajlal G Dhakan
Shri Akhil Bhartiya Parajiya Soni Gnati Federation, Jamnagar
"Parajiya Prakash", Jamnagar

Shri Samast Parajiya Soni Kelavani Soni Mandal
2 – Rajputpara, Nr. Lal Bunglow Circle, Jamnagar, 361 001
Tel : 0288 2678097 / 2541555  Email :

Today when Rajkot Mahamandal is completing 50 years of its formation, it is time for all Parajiya Pattni institute worldwide to rejoice this historic occasion.


It was on 2nd / 3rd June 1962 when during a Samelan gathering at Bhanvad that a resolution was passed to form the Rajkot Mahamandal committee and a Gnati boarding for the Pattni students.  It was one great challenge that was taken up by the leaders.

We were fortunate to have had Shree Devayatbhai Soni and the Bhanvad committee whose dedication and hard work contributed to what the Mahamandal is today..


Rajkot’s 50 years journey has been a very progressive and the credit for its success is due to the generous donations by the community members. Rajkot located in mid-Gujarat serves its regional members and I wish all Committee members, donors and students all the very best and success for the future.


Kantibhai Ghaghada


Shree Samast Parajiya Soni Kelavani Mandal

Shree ParajiaPattni Samaj
P.O. Box 82980-80100, Kaloleni Road, Mombasa, Kenya


* Hon. Chairman, Mr. Bharat B. Pattni, Dhanak.  + 254 722 410752.

* Hon.  Secretary, Mr. Ajay B. Pattni, Ghagdha.    + 254 733 728006.


Date. 3rd April 2013


Re. Congratulations to:

Dhirubhai Haribhai Sagar

Chairman Education Committee
Jayantibhai Mohanbhai Dhakan

Vice President
Bharatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda

Editor, Parajiya Samachar
Sunilbhai Ramnikbhai Dhanak

Mohitbhai Chimanlal Kagdada

Asst. Secretary

Pravinbhai Parshottam

On behalf of the Trustees, Managing committee & the members of Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj, Mombasa, Kenya, we take this opportunity to wish Shree Samast Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal on the auspicious occasion of the forth coming golden jubilee celebrations our heartiest congratulations. We wish the Mahamandal many more golden years & may the blessings of Mataji be showered upon all.


Regards & Best wishes,

Mr. Bharatbhai Bhimji Ratanshi Dhanak,

Hon. Chairman, SPPS.

Mombasa, Kenya.

Member of the Hindu Council of Kenya.




From: Editor / Webmaster - Pattni Connection


It gives me great pleasure to send the congratulations and good wishes to President Dhirubhai Sagar, Rajkot Mahamandal committee and Parajiya Pattni members on the occasion of Mahamandal’s Golden Jubilee.


Golden Jubilee celebrations are a tribute to the past 50 years. It is a symbol of gratitude to those who had laboured untiringly to make Mahamandal great.


Golden Jubilee is the time to honour those who served Rajkot Samaj as committee members, volunteers and donors for past 50 years.


Many of them will have fond memories lingering in their heart to share. Through the corridors of time, Rajkot Mahamandal with its long and luminous history has been hailed its success by the Parajiya Pattni community.


With you, we recall with thankful hearts, the work done by the early pioneers that led up to the foundation of Rajkot Mahamandal which has stood the test of time.


During the last fifty years, the Rajkot Mahamandal’s past committees have unstintingly given their support and selfless service to maintain the rich tradition of the Parajiya Pattni Soni community.


Thank You for giving me the Honour

I want to take this opportunity to thank the chief guest Harshdbhai Rana, President Dhirubhai Sagar and the Rajkot Mahamandal committee for recognizing Pattni Connection website and the honour which was bestowed on me in my absence at the Golden Jubilee celebrations..


It is such support that helps me stay motivated and inspire me on my journey to serve our proud Parajiya Pattni Soni worldwide community.


We pray God’s richest blessings, not only on this historic event, but also upon Rajkot Mahamandal’s devoted committee members in the years to come, so that the spirit of worldwide unity may inspire them to fresh endeavours in our community development.


Let us work together in unison.


The Association has completed its half century, and it too must proceed with renewed vigour to reach a century in its life. My best wishes and good luck to the Rajkot Mahamandal as it proceeds on its journey. 

Pranlal Chhaganbhai Arjan Dhanak

Editor / Webmaster / Admin