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Shri Samasta Parajiya Pattani Soni Gnati Mahamandal
Rajkot, India


2nd Phase - Distribution of Machines to the needy community sisters
held on 3rd May 2014 at Rajkot

Distribution of Machines to the needy community sisters

held on 26th January 2014 at Rajkot


An appeal for sewing machines fund for the needy - 2014

Invitation to CelebrateTHE GOLDEN JUBILEE     &    Golden Jubilee Celebration Report


Pranbhai Dhanak, Webmaster honoured 2013

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Navratri 2012

Samuh Lagna 2012

Sneh Milan 2012

Education Awards 2011

Editor Sunilbhai Dhanak welcomed in UK

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Diwali and Sneh Milan 2009 - Education Awards Programme

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Lions Racecourse Trust - Launch of “Hunf”

Editor / Webmaster of Pattni Connection Website,
Shree Pranbhai Dhanak Honoured
by the Rajkot Soni Samaj

Memorial Donation in memory
of Late Kantaben Chhaganlal Arjan Dhanak

Pranbhai Dhanak (Editor/Webmaster -
Pattni Connection) interview

Pranbhai’s interview newspaper clippings

Pranbhai’s visit to the School for the Blind Girls

Visit to Racecourse Lions Club, Rajkot
by the Editor/Webmaster Pranbhai Dhanak from London

Shree Samast Parajiya Pattni Soni Gnati Mahamandal, Rajkot


AGM 2014 Report

AGM 2014 - New Committee

The Mahamandal committee, life time members, volunteers, supporters and ordinary members residing in India and abroad were sent invitation by courier to attend the two day ordinary meeting on Saturday / Sunday 14th and 15th June 2014.


Saturday, 14th June 2014

The meeting began with Mataji deep pragtiya and prayers.

As per the meeting agenda, the meeting appointed Jitubhai Jagjivanbhai Luhar (editor Sanza Lokswami News, Indore) to chair the meeting. The appointment was proposed by Dhirubhai Haribhai Sagar and seconded by Mohitbhai Kagdada and Jayantibhai Dhakan. The appointment of Jitubhai was unanimously approved.


Jitubhai Luhar appointed as the chair person of the election committee

Jitubhai Luhar in his opening speech said that he had been given a difficult task to chair this meeting. He asked for the meeting for their support to fulfil the task and promised that he will try his best to remain strictly neutral.


“It is important that we all work shoulder to shoulder”  said Jitubhai and added “our unity will ensure that our community make progress.”


Two minute silence as a mark of respect

A two minute silence was observed in memory of those Gnati members who had passed away in the last five years.


President Dhirubhai Sagar 

Secretary Mohitbhai Soni 

The meeting then went through past five year activities of the Mahamandal, listing all donors, supporters past committee members and advisors. The chair then requested the outgoing treasurer to produce the accounts and answer any questions raised. The accounts were accepted and unanimously approved by the meeting.


Sunilbhai Dhanak, Editor
Parajiya Samachar

Jayantibhai Dhakan  - Chairman
Education Committee

Mahamandal united - Unanimous vote

As per the agenda, following members were unanimously appointed in the election committee to conduct the meeting to elect the new office bearers.


  1. Jitubhai Jagjivanbhai Luhar - Indore
  2. Dhirubhai Haribhai Sagar - Rajkot
  3. Bhupatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  4. Bhagubhai Lakhubhai Pattni - Dhari
  5. Bhupatbhai Ramnikbhai Dhakan - Ahmedabad
  6. Rajendrabhai Lakhsmanbhai Challa - Rajkot
  7. Pravinbhai Parshottambhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  8. Haribhai Parshottambhai Thadeshwar - Rajkot
  9. Sunilbhai Ramnikbhai Dhanak - Rajkot

The election committee accepted the resignation of the past committee members in order to elect a new committee.


The day of AGM was concluded followed by an evening dinner.


Sunday, 15th June 2014


The meeting started on the second day with Mataji prayers.


As per agenda, the chairman of the election committee declared following members to be appointed to serve in the new Mahamandal committee.


  1. Bhupatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  2. Sunilbhai Ramnikbhai Dhanak - Rajkot
  3. Bhagubhai Lakhubhai Pattni - Dhari
  4. Nanubhai Haridasbhai Dhakan - Rajkot
  5. Pravinbhai Parshottambhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  6. Bharatbhai Devrajbhai Chauhan - Amreli
  7. Jayantibhai Mohanbhai Dhakan - Rajkot
  8. Harshadbhai Haribhai Sagar - Rajkot
  9. Pravinbhai Babubhai Salla - Rajkot
  10. Bhupatbhai Ramnikbhai Dhakan - Ahmedabad
  11. Rajendrabhai Prabhudasbhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  12. Maheshbhai Ratibhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  13. Rajnikant Savjibhai Dhanak - Rajkot
  14. Dhirajlal Harilal Sagar - Rajkot
  15. Bhikhalal (Mohitbhai) Chimanlal Soni - Rajkot
  16. Chimanbhai Haribhai Thadeswar - Junagadh
  17. Dhirbhai Hirabhai Ghaghada - Rajkot
  18. Pranbhai Tulshidasbhai Challa - Vinchiya
  19. Haribhai Parshottambhai Thadeswar - Rajkot
  20. Bharatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  21. Arvindbhai Tulshidasbhai Dhanak - Rajkot

Following members were elected as the Office Bearers:


  1. Dhirajlal Harilal Sagar - President
  2. Bhupatbhai Muljibhai Dhorda - Vice President
  3. Bhikhalal (Mohitbhai) Chimanlal Soni - Secretary
  4. Maheshbhai Ratilal Dhorda - Asst. Secretary
  5. Sunilbhai Ramnikbhai Dhanak - Editor, Parajiya Samachar
  6. Jayantibhai Mohanlal Dhakan  - Chairman, Education Committee

Advisory Board


  1. Vinubhai Pranbhai Dhakan - Rajkot
  2. Kantilal Amratlal Thadeswar - Kunkavav
  3. Rajendrabhai LakshmanbhaiSalla - Rajkot
  4. Anubhai Lakhubhai Pattni - Jungadh
  5. Kantibhai Ratibhai Dhakan - Visavadar
  6. Amubhai Vithalbhai Dhakan - Rajkot
  7. Kantibhai Shantibhai Challa - Vinchia
  8. Bakulbhai Muljibhai Dhorda - Rajkot
  9. Harilal Lakshidas Ghaghada - Mithpur

Overseas dignitaries co-opted as permanent committee members


  1. Pranbhai C. Arjan Dhanak - London
  2. Harshadbhai Popatbhai Rana - Nairobi
  3. Bhaskarbhai Devjibhai Sagar - Bahrain
  4. Anilbhai Vajubhai Dhanak - Dubai
  5. Tarubhai Jamnadasbhai Sagar - Sharjah
  6. Manibhai Vallabhbhai Vaya - Dubai

After the full committee names were declated, all elected members took oath to serve Mahamandal.



Open session discussing various community issues

President Dhitubhai Haribhai Sagar passed a vote of thanks to Jitubhai Jagjivanbhai Luhar for overlooking the election successfully. He also thanked all members who had took their time to attend the meeting for continuous two days. He assured the community that he and his team will work tirelessly and selflessly to serve Rajkot Mahamandal.