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Parajiya Pattni Foundation has bid to acquire the property Whitchurch Pavilion, on Wemborough Road, Stanmore from Harrow Council.


Some of you may remember that we had bid for this property some two years ago, however we were not successful then. It seems that we may have a much better chance this time round.




Pavilion (Pav) off Wemborough Road, off Honeypot Lane, Stanmore.

For map click Whitchurch Pavilion


Size and Usage

This size of the pavilion is 430sq m. i.e. 4,541 sq ft. At our cost we have to refurbish the place that is in a derelict condition at the moment. Our proposal is to covert this into a sports and community centre. Within the building we can configure the hall for multiple activities, table tennis, marshal arts, volleyball, and other such sports activities. The same hall can be used as a theatre to accommodate approx 250 people, with a proper demountable stage in front. It can also be rearranged for banqueting to accommodate 208 people on proper dinning tables with stage and dancing floor space in front.  The facilities would have kitchen and bar to serve from. We are obliged to provide changing room and wash room facilities for those using the open playing fields. This space of some 500 to750sq ft has been provided. This will have access from the outside as well inside. When refurbishment is completed these facilities will be handed over to the Council who will maintain the same. Full proposal is available to view at our offices. You are most welcome to inspect this.

Proposed Plans

Open Grounds

The Pavilion is surrounded by no less than 3 open fields for cricket football and other activities. In our proposal we have mentioned that we shall hold annual festivals on the open grounds. Since the open space is council property these events have to be open to all communities. The events that we have proposed are.

  1. Easter Special Fair
  2. August Bank Holiday World Music festival for youth
  3. September/October Festival of Navratri
  4. October/November Festival of Lights Diwali
  5. November 5 Guy Folks Fireworks display
  6. Others on demand and convenience.

We have also submitted that our cricket team would like to use the grounds for their home matches.



This facility has ample parking. There is common parking for the Pavilion, the open fields, and the school opposite. All most 150 clearly defined car parking spaces are available. In addition to that there is parking in excess of six coaches. This is one property where parking will not be an issue at all.






To covert the derelict Pavilion into the facilities suggested, a budget of some 250,000 has been set aside. The Council invited bids to carry out the refurbishment and to offer a rent for a 30 year lease, FRI, with 5 yearly upward only rent reviews. The Property Committee met on 9th March 2007 and resolved to bid an initial rent of 10,000 p.a. plus the commitment to refurbish the property. The total cost of refurbishment and fitting and equipment has been budgeted at 250,000. Our bid along these lines has been submitted to the Council, subject to contract.


Income and expenditure

The committee has several options open to raise sufficient income from charging for the facilities and renting out the hall for private functions. In our representation we have informed the Council that the facilities will be open and available to all communities on payment of entrance fee and charge for the facilities. Similarly, the hall will be hired out for private functions when available. The income raised from such lettings will pay for the recurring expenses of running such a hall. The principal recurring expenses shall be rent, rates, light, heat, and the expenses of caretakers and trainers for facilities. Other administrative expenses shall be insurance, telephone, printing, postage, stationery, audit,  legal and professional fees. The charge out of the facilities shall be based on rates that the market can command. However, we have to ensure that the rates and utilisation of the facilities is sufficient to meet the recurring expenses of the centre.


Appeal for Funds

The time has come to demonstrate that we have the funds and ability to acquire this property. We will soon reach in the bidding process where we shall have to demonstrate that we have the funds to meet this commitment. Some of you have already pledge handsome sums for the acquisition of a property. We now need your funds to be deposited in our bank account. The details of our bank account are given on the enclosed form. We request you to let us know on the enclosed form the amount you are remitting now and when we can expect the balance of your pledges. We thank you for your co-operation and your generosity that has been greatly appreciated.


There are many of our community members that have so far not pledged their donations for the acquisition of a property. I urge all of you to come forward and register your pledges in the first instance. Please complete the form enclosed and remit your initial payments as soon as possible directly into the account of the Parajiya Pattni Foundation with your full names as reference. Please also let us know when and how you shall be paying further sums.


It is very vital that we do not lose out on this property or as to that matter any other property due to funds not being available in time. 


We would like to thank each and every donor for their valued contribution and support.


Parajiya Pattni Association - Property Committee


Parajiya Pattni Foundation

Niranjan Pattni - Secretary    

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