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Ram Navmi event at Pattni Brotherhood on 10th April 2022

Reported by: Kamall Pattni

Edited by: Kamall Pattni (Assistant Webmaster - Africa Region)



A colourful event with a theme of bandhani and orange colours was organised by Yogeeta Dharmesh, assisted by Krishna Vaya, Darshan Dhakan, Priyesh Pattni and Prashant Challa. Community members attended in large numbers to praise Lord Ram and celebrate Ram Navmi.

Children of Pattni brotherhood dressed up as various characters of Ramayan. Parents of the participants made great effort in dressing up their children according to the characters of Ramayan. We had children dressing up at Jatayu, Hanuman, Luv & Kush, Lord Ram and Sita ma. Our participants ranged from 4months to 11 years.

A mini band formed by Pattni Brotherhood namely “Baal Dhuni”. All the members of Baal Dhuni recited Hanuman Chalisa and Ram Dhun led by Janki Raj Pattni.

May the divine grace of Lord Ram always be with you all. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Ram Navmi!

Source: Pattni Brotherhood