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Snehmilan 2008

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The Trustees, Chairman and the Managing Committee of the


Snehmilan 2008 - Summary Report

31st Oct 2008

Dear Members
Summary of SNEH MILAN

Chairman & Management committee wish you all happy and prosperous New Year and appreciate the presence of Trustees in particular and community members in Big Numbers despite your busy schedules during SNEH MILAN.

We are pleased to update you by Email the summary of issues and vision we had brought forward to you for future progress and development of our community:

Mr. Bhaskar Pattni Hon Secretary

20th Anniversary
We are planning to celebrate 20th Anniversary of Pattni Brother Hood next year (2009).

East Africa Soni Federation
We are planning to invite our community members from the region to establish East Africa Soni Federation covering regional country (Kenya / Uganda / Tanzania / Rwanda/ Burundi) and in future to expand it as Africa level to include South Africa , Madagascar , Mauritius and other African countries.

Health Insurance
We are please to offer Health insurance at better rate and bargain if we get sufficient members who are willing to join such scheme where by we have better negotiation power with Insurance Company.

Mr. Hiren Vaya Hon. Treasurer

Email Service
As you are aware that we have registered Email:
We request you to forward this email address to our members and let us have their email address so we can update our databank.

You may email us your feed back and any message which you wish to circulate or share with our members in region.

SMS Services
We have very good response for SMS service and now we have around 400 members and we have extended our service at East Africa level.

All our members are welcome to utilise this service when in need. You may Email or SMS on +254-733-334138 if you have any message need to circulate to our members.

To run any community activity one required both moral and financial support. We try to make the community activity self supporting though we require funds for many major project or activity hence we request and look forward from the members to stand with us and support such activities and project.

Pattni Brother Hood Management
Currently our active management structure is as follows:

  • Trustees

  • Management Committee

  • Satsang Mandal

  • Women Wings

We need to activate and expand it further with

  • Youth Wing &

  • Children Wing

This will cover involvement from all age and gender to various activity and progress of community through Unity

Mr. Vijay Ghaghada- Chairman
Development Project for community. During last 3-4 years after completion of Shree D.D.M.M Centre we had come up with few more development project which can make our community further stronger financially.

  1. Shopping Mall

We have possibility to develop Shopping mall ( Shops 9/10 Unit) in front parking area without changing much parking facility.

Currently there is good demand of Shop in area and there is good opportunity to have better regular income from this project. (Total Ground Area + One Floor app 3,000Sq Ft. Work)

  1. Extension of Residents Flats

We have possibility to develop further two story that is 4 unit of residential flats to double the capacity from 4 Unit to 8 Unit. Each Unit App 1,170 Sq FT total work app 4,700Sq Ft.

  1. Food Court

We can modify the current food court area with wall structure and ground floor with Tiles/Tarazo as is the need of the day and people are looking for more decorative and modern hall for social functions.

  1. Water Bore- Hole

With time day to day the shortage of water is increasing and will get worse in near future. We can put one Bore Hole in our community plot so that it can ease water supply when in need and help full to the community in general. (App Cost 1.5m - 2.0m Ksh.)

We are looking forward your suggestion and support to make this vision great success.

Thank you,

Pattni Brother Hood


Dear Members,


Jai Mataji,


Trustees, Chairman and Managing Committee of Pattni Brotherhood wish you all Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year.


We are pleased to invite all members of our community to Diwali & New Year Celebration

Sneh - Milan Samaroh

to celebrate the Hindu New Year 2065


29th Oct 2008 (Wednesday) from 6.00pm onwards


Pattni Brotherhood, 4th Parkland Avenue - Nairobi.


Please drop your Prasad for ANN-KUT before 4.00pm on 29th Oct. (Wednesday).














Thank you
Vijay Ghaghada - Chairman

Bhasker N Pattni - Hon. Secretary