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History of Pattni Brotherhood Hall

History of Pattni Brotherhood Samaj

Photos of PJ Centre Shopping Mall

Past Committee Photos: 1976 to 1980     Past Committee Photos: 2003 to 2010


Navratri 2007       Navratri 2008        Navratri 2009    Navratri 2010


Appreciation Party 2010

Pattni Brotherhood Diwali & Sneh Milan celebrations


Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi

Wish you all Happy and Prosperous New Year


We thank you and appreciate all the members who had present in big numbers despite their busy schedule and commitments.


We are pleased to share the annual report and vision presented with a brief history of PBH, current activities & future projects by Hon. Sec Shree Bhaskerbhai Pattni & Chairman Shree Vijaybhai Ghagahda during Sneh Milan.


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Pattni Brotherhood - Nairobi

1965 - Establishment

1989 - Development of Community Centre

1990 - Acquire Residence Property

2004 - Development of DDMM Centre

2010 - Development of PJ Centre

2010 Guest Wing



         Shri Harshadbhai Popatlal Rana

         Shri Chandubhai Gordhandas Chall

         Shri Prabhudas Govindji Ghaghada

         Shri Prabhudas Damji Vaya

         Shri Govind Purshotam Jeram


Management Committee Members

         Chairman                     Vijay P Ghaghada

         Vice Chairman              Ramesh Harilal Ghaghada

         Secretary                     Bhasker N Pattni

         Treasurer                     Hirendra Maganlal Vaya

         Asst Sec                      Surykant B. Challa

         Asst Sec                      Kamal N. Pattni   

         Asst Treasurer             Ritesh D. Dhanak

         Members                     Manoj D Vaya

                                    Rasikalal Odhavji Dhanak

                                    Chandubhai V. Kagadada

Annual Religious Functions


         Durgastami Havan

         Sneh Milan/Ann Kut (Diwali/New Year)

         Shiv Ratri

         Ram Navami

         Bod Choth


         Rudra Mahabhishek

         Satsang Every Thursday


Special Program (20th Aug to 22nd Aug 2010)

         21 Year Celebration  of Pattni Brotherhood

         Opening Ceremony of P.J. Centre

         Guest from  India, UAE, UK, Australia and Regions

         Installation of 15KVA Generator

         Installation of Water Filter


Services (as on 31- Oct - 2010)

         SMS Service/Email Service

         600  Registered SMS Numbers

         285  Registered Email Address

         115  Face Book Group Members


         Community Medical Health Insurance Cover

         33 Family

         70 Members

         90 Million Ksh


Future Projects

         Social Services




Social Services

         Group/Community Medical Health Insurance

         Education Loan

         Social Welfare Funds

         Nursery School



         East Africa Soni Federation

         Pattni World Federation  (Dec-2011 at Dwarka-India)



         Re-Structure of Main Hall and Extension of Food Court

         Extension of Residents Flats

         Water Bore-Hall



Proposed Food Court

  • At Current Food Court
  • No change in roof
  • Mezzanine floor open to Main Hall
  • Total 250 Sq Mt Ground Floor + 250 Sq Mt. Mezzanine Floor
  • Total capacity of 1000 for functions
  • Toilet & Wash Basin facilities for Ladies and Gents at Each Floor
  • Total extra 550 sq. m. (App 6,000 Sq Ft) Built Up

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