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History of Pattni Brotherhood Hall

History of Pattni Brotherhood Samaj

Photos of PJ Centre Shopping Mall

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Appreciation Party 2010

Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi



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Click Donation of computers by the Satsang Mandal

Inauguration of Computer Lab and Prize giving ceremony


Inauguration of Computer Lab and Prize giving ceremony at the Highgridge Primary School, 4th Parkland Avenue, Opp Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi was held on 20th May 2011.


The event was organised with the support of Pattni Brotherhood members and others including ex-students Association (Aluminas), Barclays Bank & Equity Bank.


Donation from The Satsang Mandal and Members

Satsang Mandal and other members of our community donated the 8 Set of Computers to start a Computer Lab for students of Highridge Primary School. The Computer Lab was inaugurated by Chair Person of Satsang Mandal Smt. Narmadaben Jivanlal Pattni & Smt. Urmilaben Durlabhdas Pattni.

The tree plantation ceremony followed after the inauguration that was done by the chief Guest Mrs Hansa & Mr. Hiren Vaya.

Mr. Manoj Pattni was commended for contributing his time and resources to look after the development projects and up-keeping of School for last over 12 years.


The school children presented various cultural programs. They work was recognized and prizes were awarded for their academic and other achievements.

For More photos - Album 119

Click Donation of computers by the Satsang Mandal






15 May 2011


Chairman, Trustees and the Management Committee Members of Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi were pleased to host a breakfast meeting on Sunday, 15th May 2011 with following Guests


Mr. Parvinbhai Soni President, PPA London

Mr. Chandubhai Mohanlal Bhimji Vaya, Birmingham

Mr. Ashok Bhagwanji Devaji,Trustee - Mombasa

Mr. Bharat Bhimji Ratansi, Vice Chairman - Mombasa

Mr. Chhaganlal Nandlal Ghaghada, Kalba (Shj) UAE


The meeting was very fruitful with discussion of Parajiya Pattni Community developments world wide.


Vijaybhai Ghaghaghada Chairman of Pattni Brotherhood gave warm welcome to the guests and briefed them about the current progress of Pattni Brotherhood.


He also Invited the guest with their respective community leaders and members to attend the up coming first ever Parajiya Pattni Soni World Federation at Dwarka (Jamnagar-India)


Pravinbhai Soni proposed a Pattni Youth Festival to be organize in July - August 2012 in Kenya and promised to further the idea amongst UK youths. Pattni Brotherhood Trustees, Committee and Guests from Mombasa welcomed the proposal.


Other members also given their views and insisted better communication between the members for the UNITY of the community.



Pattni Brotherhood- Nairobi


Ladies wing of the Hindu Council of Kenya

19 May 2011

Dear Friends,


Ladies wing of the Hindu Council of Kenya has kept their first informal meeting at the Hindu Council headquarters on Kusi Lane on Saturday 21st May 2011 at 3.00 pm. The purpose of this meeting is to brainstorm ideas for possible activities and functions throughout the year. I would like to request all ladies to kindly take out just half an hour on Saturday, so that we can group together and chalk down actitivies oour interest. Additionally, I request all the gentlemen reading this mail to kindly pass this information to all the female members of their household and friend circle. Thank you in advance.


Sangeeta Dhall

Director- Ladies Wing

Hindu Council of Kenya




Bhaskerbhai Pattni, Secretary, Pattni Brotherhood welcomed in London

Bhasker Narotambhai Pattni welcomed at Pranbhai’s residence

Atithi Devo Bhava

Bhaskerbhai Dhanak, secretary of Pattni Brotherhood was in London for few days this week and made a special effort to visit my residence despite his busy schedule.

He was warmly welcomed as we met over a cup of masala chai. We discussed a wide range of important issues facing our Samaj and the tremendous progress made by Pattni Brotherhood in Nairobi. Preparation is also now at an advanced stage to organise the world gathering of Parajiya Pattnis. Further details will be announced in due course



We are pleased to update you with the shopping mall project at Pattni Brotherhood- where the construction work is in progress.


Building Project for Shopping Mall was recently visited and inspected by the Trustees and Committee members. Please see attached photographs.


The work commenced on the 1st Week of Nov 2009 after Khat Muhrat, which was performed on 21st Oct 2009. The work is progressing as per schedule and the Project is expected to be completed by May 2010.(click Khat Muhrat).


This three-floor shopping mall will have

Ground Floor - Six Shops App 240Sq Ft Each

First floor       - Six Shops App 240Sq Ft Each

Second Floor - Hall (Office Block) App 2,000Sq Ft


(For any rental enquiry please contact the Management Committee)

Donation -  (KHUSI BHET)

During the Khat Muhrat the Trustees and Members have pledged donations as follows towards the cost of Building..


Shri Harshadbhai P. Rana                   Ksh 51,000/-

Shri Chandubhai G. Challa                  Ksh 51,000/-

Shri Prabhudas G Pattni                      Ksh 51,000/-

Shri Kanjibhai Damji Pattni                  Ksh 51,000/-

Shri Jivanlal Odhavji & Brothers          Ksh 51,000/-

Shri Vijaybhai P.Ghaghada                  Ksh 51,000/-


Their monitory donations and the moral support for this project is very much appreciated by the Trustees and the members of community.


Medical Camp in Kampala


The doctors penal from Ahmadabad, India who had visited Nairobi recently where they held Free Medical camps at Pattni Brotherhood, Lohana Mahajan Mandal and Kutchi Leva Patel Samaj where more then 600 patients attended for consultation.


The same doctors penal then also visited Kampala, Uganda and held successful Medical Camps & Seminars at Lohana Academy- Kampala organised by the Lohana Mahajan Mandal Kampala and at the Indian Association of Uganda. Our community member Mr Raju Vaya took an active part as the member of Indian Association of Uganda.


Medical Camps at the Lohana Mahajan Mandal and at the Indian Association of Uganda


More then 300 patient attended to consult specialists. It was good to know that many patients managed to detect their diseases that were at early stages and hopefully will get well cured.


We thank all the doctors for visiting and appreciate the time they have provided in East Africa. We hope they will visit to East Africa and organise such camp on regular basis.


We specially thank Mr. Sandeep Ghaghada in Nairobi and Mr. Raju Vaya in Kampala who had taken active part to make these events a success.


Thank you,


Pattni Brotherhood - Nairobi