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History of Pattni Brotherhood Hall


Pattni Brotherhood Opening 1989

History of Pattni Brotherhood Samaj


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Pattni Brotherhood Committee - 1976 to 1988

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Pattni Brotherhood

Navratri 2012

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Purshotam Maas Mombasa Trip 2012

Mt Longonot Adventure 2012


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Navratri 2011

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Khat Muharat - Shopping Mall 2010

Opening Ceremony PJ Shopping Centre

An evening of Interactive Session and Debate

Mahila Mandal Garba Competition 2010


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Sneh Milan 2010

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Pattni Brotherhood welcomes Narendra Modi in Nairobi


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 Board Members:


Mr. Chandulal G. Pattni   Mr. Harshad P. Rana   Mr. Govind P. Jeram    Mr. Kanji D. Pattni    Mr. Prabhudas G Pattni

 Main Committee:

Hon. Chairman - Mr. Vijay P. Ghaghada    Hon. Vice Chairman - Mr. Chanddrakant N Vaya

Hon. Secretary - Mr. Suryakant B. Challa     Assistant Secretary - Mr. Mitesh D. Vaya

Hon. Treasurer - Mr. Anand B. Pattni    Assistant Treasurer - Mr. Neeviyesh N. Challa



Report by Kamall Pattni - Assistant Webmaster - Africa Region



Pattni Brotherhood Trustees, Chairman and committee members are thankful to each and every member of the community who participated and made the event successful.



The ceremony was performed on Wednesday 17th October 2018 from 8:30am to 5:30pm

 With the blessing of Wagheswari Maa, this year's Yajman were Rupen Durlabhji Naran and Family and Anand Bharatbhai Pattni and Family. 


 Yajman with Trustees, Chairman and Committee Members.


Biddu Ceremony followed by Thar offering, Mataji Arti and Maha Prashad at 7:00pm


Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi

PBH Organized a memorable Navratri this year from 10th to 18th October 2018 by hosting nine colourful nights of Garbas and Dandia followed by Kakabapa, full of fun at Manu Rama Hall, with daily refreshments and prizes for all in Category.




This year's Navratri was jointly held with Pattni Brotherhood and Shree Sorathia Prajapati Gnati Mandal, for the past three Years PBH has had a successful joint Navratri event with SSPGM. The Venue made a perfect place for families and friends to gather and enjoy the Navratri festival.

Garbo by young ladies

A spectacular garbo performed by young ladies of PBH on 14th October, represented by a local Radio channel East FM. Hon. Secretary Handing over a hamper to the group.


Jankar Melodies

Music by Jankar Melodies to perform for all nine nights at PBH played most traditional folk garba songs while community members danced the nights away to traditional tunes.    


Special Guests

A warm welcome to the dignitaries from Hindu Council, of Kenya, Chairman Shree Kamal Gupta with Committee Members from Pattni brotherhood Nairobi.