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History of Pattni Brotherhood Hall

History of Pattni Brotherhood Samaj

Photos of PJ Centre Shopping Mall

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to all Pattni Soni Samaj Committees &

to all Parajiya Pattni Soni members Worldwide


28th July 2010


To, Pranbhai C Arjan Dhanak


Pattni Connection


Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: Invitation

The Trustees, Chairman & Management Committee of Pattni Brotherhood-Nairobi would like to cordially invite you and the delegation of representatives to join us in celebrating two very auspicious occasions, being, the existence of the Pattni Brotherhood Building completing 21 years and the Opening Ceremony of our new shopping mall �P.J.Centre�.


During this auspicious occasion we would also like you to be a part of the KASTH MADH PRATISHTHA of Shree Wagheswari Temple also located within the PBH Building.  This will form part of the event.


The celebrations run for 3 days with the following line up of events:


Friday the 20th August 2010 - Dinner and Debate/ Talks

Saturday 21st August 2010 - Teel Match during the day and a lineup of cultural programs in the evening with dinner.

Sunday 22nd August 2010 - Vastu Pujan and Navchandi Havan


At this occasion, we also aim to create a platform for the Parajiya Soni World Federation.  Upon its creation, PBH- Nairobi wishes to, in the near future, host the first ever Parajiya Soni World Federation meeting.


We would request you to please accept this letter as a personal invitation from the Trustees and the PBH-Nairobi Committee.  We would like to take this opportunity to apologize if our �Amantran Patrika� does not reach you in good time.


We would like to also request you to please inform us, in good time, of the itinerary of persons able to be a part of this event.  Those seeking any assistance with information regarding visa,transport, accommodation and any other facilities, please contact us on the following postal / email address or do not hesitate to contact the undersigned:


Pattni Brother Hood

P.O.Box 39154-00623


Mob/SMS:   +254-733-334138 (Hiren Vaya)

Tel: +254-20-3745110


Yours sincerely,

Vijay Ghagahda


Mob: +254-722517003

Bhasker N Pattni

Hon. Secretary




Chairman / President / Hon. sec. & Committee Members

All Pattni Samajs worldwide registered with Pattni Connection


respected fellow members of Parajiya Pattni Soni Community worldwide through Pattni Connection



Opening of our New Shopping Mall, P.J.Centre

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Opening of our New Shopping Mall, P.J.Centre,


Sunday the 22nd of August 2010.

19th July 2010

Dinner Meeting held on Friday, 16th July

Dear Members 

We are pleased to inform that Pattni Brotherhood Management Committee had a fruitful dinner meeting with the Ex-Chairmen, Ex-Officio, Trustees and Elders on Friday, 16th July at PBH.  A PBH Youths also held a meeting on Saturday evening, 17th Jul at Nairobi Gymkhana. Both were enthusiastically attended.

Our apologies to youths and young at heart members whom we were unable to contact and were left out due to time constrain.

We thank all the members who turned out in big numbers despite such a short notice and stood by us to discuss the coming events to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Pattni Brother Hood Building and the Opening Ceremony of New Shopping Mall � P.J.Centre

The tentative plans for the Samaj Celebration are as follows:-

20th Aug 2010 (Friday)

Time:  Evening

Program: Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery will remain open on 20th / 21st & 22nd Aug at PBH Hall.

Those who have rare historical photographs of our community activity and our community�s presence in East Africa can kindly requested to forward them to convener or Email us at

Convener: Mr. Lalitbhai Pattni Tel: 0734 365921


Program: Interactive Talks/ Debate

The Topic and other details will be circulated soon through Email & SMS. Any topics for the debate can be forwarded to the below named conveners.


Mr. Henal Pattni  - 0733 944163

Mr. Hiten Vaya - 0722 808200

Mr. Dharmesh Ghaghada - 0720 952235

21st Aug 2010 (Saturday)

Time: Afternoon

Program: Tele Match - Interactive Games and Mind Blogging

Convener: Mrs. Bhavini Ritesh Dhanak - 0721 986470

Time: Evening

Program: Cultural Programs - Rass / Garba / Dance / Singing / Play / Scripts / Mimicry / Individual Talent  / Group Presentation etc.


Mrs. Kamini Vijay Ghaghada - 0722 811530

Mrs. Hansa Hiren Vaya - 0734 867390

22nd Aug 2010 (Sunday)

Time: Morning





Time: Afternoon

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There is no event that can be successful without the support of people behind the curtain. Hence we also request to avail your self as volunteers.


The parameter of any events being a success is by counting the number of attendees, the audience. Hence we request you to avail your precious time during these celebrations and alter your diary entries of busy schedule accordingly to support and encourage the participants.

We request all interested members and youth who wants to participate in any events to kindly contact the convener of respective events.

Our Slogan: Yes We Can. Yes We Can Change

These programs will be organized with slogan �Yes we can do it with Change� hence we request our members of all age to PARTICIPATE to make this celebrations ALL INCLUSIVE.

Thank you,

Bhasker N. Pattni

Hon. Secretary, Pattni Brotherhood

P.O.Box 39154-00623

Nairobi - Kenya

Tel: +254-20-3745110

SMS: +254-733 334138


Pattni Philanthropists

- Shri Govindbhai P. Jeram and Shri Vijaybhai P. Ghaghada-

generously donate Kshs 2.1 Million to Pattni Brotherhood

Dear Members

We are pleased to inform the members of community that Shri Govindbhai P. Jeram and Shri Vijaybhai P. Ghaghada have generously donated Kshs 2,100,000/= (approx. USD 27,000) to Pattni Brotherhood, towards the cost of the centre.

The Building accommodates 12 Retail Units, each being approx. 240ft2 in size.  The Second Floor is an Office Block with approx. 2,250 sq ft.

Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi, will be holding various programs from 20th August 2010 to 22nd August 2010 to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of P J Centre.

21st Anniversary of Pattni Brother Hood

We are also delighted to inform you of the 21st Anniversary of the Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi.  We shall celebrate this happy occasion by holding a Kasth Madh Pratishta of Shri. Wagheswari Temple made from mahogany wood.


On these joyous celebrations, we would like to cordially invite our fellow members from East Africa and the rest of the world to join us at this occasion.  This will also give us an occasion to plan the World Federation of Pattnis (Parajiya Pattni Soni).

We look forward to celebrating with you!


22nd Feb 2010 (Monday)

19th Feb 2010


Dear Members,

Further to our General Meeting held on 12th Feb 2010 and follow up meeting with Trustees and Management Committee held on 18th Feb 2010.

We hereby request all our members to attend the Next General Meeting which will be held on 22nd Feb 2010 (Monday), 7.00pm at Pattni Brotherhood Hall, 4th Parkland Avenue


Please note the Agenda will remain the same to Raise Funds for the Shopping Mall Project.

The highest bidder will give the name to the New Shopping Mall Building. (The Minimum ceiling for the bid had been established in the Joint meeting of Trustees and Management Committee)

Please note light refreshment will be served.

Thank you,


Bhasker N. Pattni

Hon. Secretary

Pattni Brotherhood-Nairobi

Historical day for the Parajiya Pattni Community

Groundbreaking ceremony of a New Shopping Mall

Dear Members,

The Chairman, Trustees and Management committee of Shree Pattni Brotherhood wish you all Happy & Prosperous New Year.

We celebrated our annual Sneh Milan and Ankutt on Sunday 18th Oct 2009. The function was an overwhelming success with an excellent attendance by our members. Their support was very much appreciated by the committee.

We also had historical event of Khat Muharat (groundbreaking ceremony) of a New Shopping Mall on 21st Oct 2009 (Wednesday) next to Shree DDMM Centre.

The auspicious groundbreaking ceremony (Khat Muhrat) was presided over and performed by the Chairman Vijaybhai Ghaghada and Mr. & Mrs. Hirendra Vaya (Treasurer) with the blessings and the presence of trustees Chandubhai Gordhandas Pattni and Mr. & Mrs  Shri Harshadbhai P. Rana. Committee members present were Rameshbhai (Vice Chairman), Bhaskerbhai (Hon. Secretary), Suryakant Challa, Ritesh Dhanak, Manojbhai Vaya & Rasiklal Odhavji. Members from community witnessed among others were Kanjibhai Damji, Durlabhdas Vaya, Govindbhai Ghaghada, Dineshbhai Challa and Lalitbhai Mulji Pattni.

The ceremony was performed and blessed by community priest Shree Kailash Giri Maharaj.


This was the third historical event in our community held since the Pattni Brotherhood was established in 1989 under the leadership of current trustees and the founder-visionary Late Shree Damjibhai Devji Vaya.

History of Pattni Brotherhood

1989: Establishment of Pattni Brotherhood Hall and Temple

1992/93:  Acquired neighbouring property that contained 4 Flats and a bungalow for residential use.

2005/6:   Converted the bungalow to Shree DDMM Centre

2009/10: The new project development of a Shopping Mall that will contain 10-12 shops as well as one hall/office block (app 2300sq ft)

This new development project is to commemorate 20th anniversary of Pattni Brotherhood. We are confident that, with our community�s support, this new project will give extra strength and provide a fresh impetus for further social and economic progress of our community and welfare at large.

Please find attached photographs of the functions taken by Lalitbhai Mulji Pattni.

Thank you,

Hiren Vaya

Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi

For enlarged photos click Album 91 � Khat Muhurat � Diwali & Sneh Milan 2009

Pattni Brotherhood - Annual Diwali & Sneh Milan

Video of Khat Muhurat


We are also pleased to announce the Khat Muhurat (ground breaking ceremony) of the New Shopping Mall next to DDMM Centre on

Wednesday, 21st Oct 2009

Time: 9.00am

Please see below the drawings of the projected shopping Mall

Click Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi

Navratri photos - Children Fancy dress - Atham Havan - Visits by HCK & Chinmaya Mission