Pattni Brother Hood


Jai Mataji                      Jai Shri Krishna            Om Namah Shivay



NANDBHAIYO:Children (Govadiya) Mataki Utsav and Nandbhaiyo - NANDOTSAV: Ritesh Dhanak (Nand) with his son Pranav (Kano)

JANMOTSAV :  Samaj Elder - Shri Jamnadas Jadavaji - Hindola Darshan



1st photo: ABHISHEK: RUDHRA MAHABHISHEK - Chairman Vijaybhai & Family with Treasurer Hiren Vaya & Family

2nd photo: ABHISHEK:  MR. LALITBHAI PATTNI (Photographer). Mr. Lalitbhai Pattni is the official Photographer of Pattni Brother Hood (PBH) and most of time he is behind camera and not in front. His service to PBH is prompt and excellent. His services to the community is very much appreciated and we thank him for his silent contribution to community.


Dear Members,


We are pleased to inform the members of our community that days of festivals are coming!!

We are celebrating Pavitra Shravan Mass with following functions


1. BOD CHOTH (Mag Rotala)- Ladies Only

We are please to invite all our ladies members for Bod-Choth Lunch at Pattni Brother Hood

Date            10th Aug 2009 (Monday)

Lunch                   12.30pm

Venue          PBH Hall



We are celebrating Janmasthami with Krishna Janmotsav (NAND BHAIYO) and Cultural Program. We request our ladies member to encourage the Children to participate in this event..

Date            14th Aug 2009 (Friday)

Time            5.30pm onwards

Dinner         8..00pm

Venue          PBH Hall



We are celebrating Shiv Puja with Rudra Mahabhishek and Thal for Lord Shiva

Date            17th Aug 2009 (Monday)

Time            5.30pm Onwards

Dinner         8.00pm


Please kindly Note your diary accordingly with above date and time and support each event with your presence in BIG numbers.


Thank You,


Bhasker N Pattni

Hon. Secretary