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Message from Amit Ramniklal Pattni, PPA Leicester

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Regional President

Mr Amit Ramniklal Pattni

Vice- President

   Mr. Sunilbhai Vrajlal Pattni

Hon. Secretary

  Miss Chandni Bharatbhai Challa


  Mr. Jiten Mukundbhai Madhavji


Committee Members

Miss. Jeegnasha Subhashbhai Ratanshi
Mrs. Mansi Dharmesh Pattni
Mr. Dilipbhai Purshotam Harji
Mr. Mukundbhai Madhavji

Miss. Sunita Pradipbhai Mavji
Mr. Bharatbhai Harilal Challa
Mr. Hasmukhbhai Dwarkadas Pattni



Mr. Jaysukhbhai Virji Patani  

Pool Tournament

PPA Leicester Pool Tournament 2017

A Huge Success!


Sunday 12th February 2017



PPA Leicester
Pool Tournament

PPA Leicester Region proudly hosted the tournament on 12th February 2017.
We were pleased to see some familiar faces and some new ones join us for a fantastic day of pool and merriment.

On the day we had a great turn out by the Parajiya Pattni Community and their friends,
some of whom were eager to showcase their skills on the table and others who came just to enjoy the day. 

Needless to say, as in previous years, FUN was had by all.



We enjoyed fresh sandwiches made by our own Nickita Pradipbhai Mavji, as well as the customary Domino’s pizza.



This year saw the crowning of new champions too and as a testament to how far

the ladies have come since the inaugural event, we saw an all ladies final for the plate trophy.



The biggest shock came in the ladies tournament where the eventual champion won the event without potting a single black ball!!

Hopefully this type of event is encouragement for those who could not make it this time or felt they wouldn’t be good enough. 

Everyone is always welcome to join this lovely event that truly brings together all regions and members of the community.



As always, please let us know if you have any other suggestions or ideas of events / tournaments you would like us to hold.

PPA Leicester Pool Tournament 2017