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Regional President

Madhu Dhanak

14 Checketts Close


Ph:  2666317

Vice President

Urmila Jadavji

4 Kingmead Close


Ph:  2129356

Hon. Secretary

Bharti Harji

96 Evesham Road


Ph:  2890860

Hon. Treasurer

Surinder Dhanak

28 Payne Street


Ph:  2612270



Executive Committee:








Bhavna Uday Gordhan

Meena Gordhan

Bhanuben Dhanak

Milan Chitranjanbhai Soni

Bindi Mukund Kalyanji

Chandni Bharat Challa

Ashwinbhai Govindji Kagdadia









PPA Leicester Committee with  Kantibhai Ghaghda, President, Jamnagar Samaj and Pranbhai Dhanak, Editor/Webmaster, Pattni Connection website and Ashwinbhai Kagdadia, Trustee, PPA Leicester

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Message to the PPA Leicester committee and Leicester members

by Shree Kantibhai Ghaghada, President Jamnagar Samaj and

Shree Pranbhai Dhanak, Editor/Webmaster, Pattni Connection


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the PPA Leicester Committee for the honour of inviting us as their guests to the Leicester Navratri. It was so nice to see so many Leicester members and we enjoyed meeting you all.


It was a real privilege for us to be called in the front of the hall by the President of the PPA Leicester and felt very proud and fortunate to be able to speak to the Leicester members. We would like to thank the PPA Leicester committee for presenting us with a gift as a memento of our visit. It was very much appreciated.


Positive publicity by the Leicester committee drew a packed house; attendance was excellent with record number of members attending Navratri making this a very special night. A warm welcome was given to all guests who had travelled from London and Birmingham.


Elders and the respect for elders is a major component in our Indian culture. It was a delightful scene to see so many of our elders seating in the front row.


Our Youth Are Our Future.

In life children are our most valuable resource for our Samaj progress. The future of our Samaj is directly tied in to the kind of investments we make in our youths. PPA Leicester is doing a wonderful job in establishing such a foundation.


It was gratifying to see so many youths active, working hard as members of the committee, as the Mahila Mandal team, as volunteers, taking part in playing garba and participating in the Aarti competition.


The evening ended on a beautiful note, as young and old alike gather around and harmoniously to perform 108 Aartis. Team of Mahila Mandal members and volunteers lighted all 108 arti thali in minutes. Hall lights were switched off and the whole environment was baptized into the magical flames of the Mataji Aarti that created the divine atmosphere and spirituality. It was a sight not to be missed, the most memorable time of the evening when the aarti divas made the hall appear like stars floating in the dark. Finally, we all had prashad blessed by Ambe Maa.


With prashad of creamy saffrony sweets, fruit and nuts in hand and warmth in our heart, we left the hall at 1.00am with aching feet!


Our heartfelt thanks to all Leicester members and would like to thank you all for your hospitality.


Thank you PPA Leicester committee and your team of fantastic excellence.

Jai Ho - PPA Leicester - Jai Ho


Jai Ambe

Kantibhai A. Ghaghada, President, Jamnagar Samaj and

Prabhai C. Arjan Dhanak, Editor/Webmaster, Pattni Connection


PPA Leicester

Felicitation to Honour
Shree Kantibhai Ghaghada - President, Jamnagar Soni Samaj


Shree Pranbhai Dhanak - Editor/Webmaster, Pattni Connection

for their services to the Parajiya Pattni Community

On Saturday, 26th September 2009 - Navratri Atham

Leicester PPA formally invites Shree Kantibhai and Shree Pranbhai during Navratri in Leicester.


It is a great honour for the Leicester PPA to welcome President of Jamnagar Samaj and the Editor of Pattni Connection.


We have read your article about your visit to India and the interviews with the national papers. Your visit has been very fruitful for the good causes and the warm welcome given to you by all our Soni Samajs in India. Pattni Connection website is now very popular serving our Pattni Soni worldwide community.

I am sending the letter for the Navratri invitation for the website. Leicester Navratri is fantastic and it will be a memorable day for all as it is Atham and we have a very good attendance, with the arti competition as well.  The atmosphere will brilliant with the 108 arti.
Garba Time: 7.30 pm to midnight


Invitation to All UK Regions

Leicester PPA committee would like to welcome PPA members from all regions to Leicester Navratri. ie London, Luton and Birmingham regions. It will be an evening to remember. So Come One…Come All. Come early!


Kind regards,

Bharti Dilip Harji, Hon. Secretary

PPA Leicester

Jay Shree Krishna


From Editor:

Our Samaj committees in India have the tradition to give a warm welcome to all the visiting dignitaries. PPA Leicester has taken an initiative to start honoring prominent Pattni leaders visiting UK. This will be the first such welcome given to the President of Jamnagar Samaj, Shree Kantibhai Ghaghada.


It is indeed a special privilege and a great honour for me to be invited by the PPA Leicester to the Navratri Atham Garba. President Madhuben Dhanak’s personal invitation followed by the above e-mail was made few weeks ago. Unfortunately with so many death announcements over the last two weeks, there has been a delay in sending out this invitation to the community.

Our Pattni Connection website is nearly 5 years old. During this time, it has been my privilege to come to know hundreds of Pattni members. Many many members in the past, especially our youths have been in touch me. This will be an opportunity for all of us not just to meet but also to play Garba and Dandiya Raas and do Mataji Arti together. I am sure the highlight of evening will be the 108 diva arti. With the lights switched off and the whole public joined in this graceful Mataji arti the whole atmosphere will be electrifying. I look forward to meeting you all.

Lets all join together and sing to the Glory of Ambe Maa

Jai Ambe - Jai Mataji

Pranbhai Dhanak


The Committee of the Parajiya Pattni Association

Leicester Region

wishes to extend a warm welcome to the forthcoming

Navratri and Diwali Celebrations 2009.

Thanks to your participation and support that made last year’s festivities so successful. We all enjoyed and had a fantastic time, therefore let’s aim to have even more fun this year. We anticipate your prompt and regular attendance.

Jai Ho


·        NAVRATRI - 2009

Saturday 19th Sep 2009 - Fancy dress competition 0-5 yrs, 6-11yrs, 12-adults

Friday 25th September 2009


Saturday 26th September 2009 (Aatham)

Aatham 108 aarti

Aarti competition 5-8yrs, 9-14yrs, adults

Time: 7.30 pm to midnight



Stonehill High School

Stonehill Avenue

Birstall, Leicester. LE4 4JG

For map click - Stonehill High School



The Diwali & New Year dinner and dance is to be celebrated on

Sunday 18th October 2009



Leicester Racecourse

Leicester Road, Oadby Leicester, LE2 4AL.


Time 6.00pm to midnight


Tickets for this event will be available from the committee members.  As the numbers are limited, tickets will be sold strictly on first come first served basis.  Please book early.

Ticket prices:  13yrs - Adults - £15.00,   5-12yrs - £7.50, Under 5yrs - Free

·        Dinner and dance with top music party


·        PPA’s GOT TALENT

If you have a hidden talent you would like to share then please register for PPA’s Got Talent 2009.  Contact any of the committee members.


·        Rangoli competition - 5-8yrs, 9-14yrs, adults



Thanking you & Jay Shree Krishna

Your Committee, PPA Leicester

Bharti Dilip Harji (Hon Secretary)

Poster designed by Kavita Dilip Harji.