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    Leicester Pattni Soni Mahila Mandal 
Feeding Sadhus in Dwarka

Hemantbhai Dhanak from Leicester became aware of the feeding programme held in Dwarka.

He discussed the matter with
Leicester Pattni Soni Mahila Mandal to support such a noble cause.


The Mahila Mandal ladies wholeheartedly decided to collect funds to organise feeding Sadhus and Sants in Dwarka on the auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanti.

The greatest selfless seva one can give is feeding the hungry.


125 Sadhu Sants were given Siro, Puri, Ganthia, Dal, Rice, Vegetable curry, Sambhar,etc., at the Dwarkadish's wife (Lord Krishna) Rukhsmani Mandir.

Mahila Mandal ladies were extemely happy to note that 100% of their donation went directly for a good cause.

They thanked Narendrabhai Dhakan, Trustee, Jamnagar Samaj for all his assistance in helping organise this programme.


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