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Gt. Yarmouth

organised by PPA Leicester Mahila Mandal

Chandni Challa, Committee member, PPA Leicester


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PPA Leicester Mahila Mandal - Great Yarmouth Trip 2009 Album 83


This much awaited trip to Great Yarmouth started at the crack of dawn on Saturday 8th August 2009. There was a huge response from all the Mahilas, senior as well as young.


Great Yarmouth was a fantastic choice of place to spend the day as the weather was in our favour and we also had the sun shinning on us throughout the whole day. We set off at 9am from the local neighbourhood centre located in the heart of Leicester with an outstanding total of 72 people.


It was heartening to see both young and old, mingling together and enjoying themselves. The main highlights I would like to point out were the Bhajans that were sung by the Mahilas and the Grans to the Antakshari game on the top deck. Many displayed an array of their hidden talents singing, miming and telling jokes! The entertainment was non-stop throughout the trip. The Mahila Mandal ladies kept a constant supply of scrumptious food and drinks to fuel up the energies of the members.

Great Yarmouth was once the major fishing port now enjoys the perfect seaside with flashing arcades, seafront illuminations, two lively piers and a popular pleasure beach sporting over 70 rides from fairground classics, flower gardens and there is plenty to keep visitors occupied.


Singing bhajans by the sea


Once we got there everyone set out for the beach to enjoy the sun and the picturesque landscape, we gathered around and sang bhajans on the beach; this was a classic moment as only the Parajiya Pattni’s would think of such a great thing! Singing bhajans by the sea was a moment that we can not forget.


Got together with all the little ones and the youths that came along and made sand castles and played around in the sand, again this was quite a fun activity as all the creative minds came together.

A group of us then decided to go and explore the rest of the town and attractions, we took a train ride through the main road and saw most of the attractions including the pleasure beach; this saved us from walking quite a few miles.

Mahilas went wakabout in town centre


We returned from our train ride and decided it was time we all had something to eat so we had the special chips which Great Yarmouth is known for.


After eating we went to experience the horse carriage ride this also took us the same route we went with the train ride but this was a fabulous experience having the wind blowing, enjoying the sun, this was a great way to end our trip to Great Yarmouth.

I would like to thank everyone that came along and your support throughout the trip, much appreciated. I would especially like to thank all the PPA Leicester Mahila Mandal members for their sterling effort. Hats off to all of Mahilas! It was truly a memorable experience enjoyed by all.

We look forward to seeing you all in our forthcoming trips; with everyone’s support and cooperation we can achieve a lot more.

Chandni Challa

Memorable photos of this trip click
PPA Leicester Mahila Mandal - Great Yarmouth Trip 2009 Album 83