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AGM : Committee 2013 - 2015


Leicester PPA welcomes Mombasa Samaj Vice Chairman Kishor Vaya 2014


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From Left: Mukundbhai Pragi Madhavji, Jaysukbhai Virji Ratanshi, Hasmuk Dwarkadas, Amit Ramnilal Pattni, Dharmesh Maheshbhai Pattni, Sheena Ramniklal and Sunita Pradip Mavji

From Left: Dilipbhai Purshottam Harji, Bhartbhai Harilal Challa, Amit Ashokbhai, Amit Ramniklal, Dharmesh Maheshbhai

We are pleased to inform the community that PPA Leicester AGM was held on
Saturday 13th October 2018
at The Gateway College during Navratri

We are pleased to inform the members of our community that a new managing committee was elected to serve the PPA Leicester region.

Amit Ramniklal unanimously re-elected as the President.

2018 Leicester PPA Region Committee

President - Amit Ramniklal Pattni (Vaya)

Vice President - Mukundbhai Pragi Madhavji (Patt)

Hon. Secretary - Hasmuk Dwarkadas (Ghaghada)

Treasurer - Dharmesh Maheshbhai Pattni

 Committee Members

Bhartbhai Harilal Challa

Dilipbhai Purshottam Harji (Ghaghada)

Nickita Pradip Mavji

Sheena Ramniklal Pattni

Sunita Pradip Mavji

Amit Ashokbhai Pattni (Challa)


Jaysukbhai Virji Ratanshi (Dhanak) 


Message from the New Committee:

A big thank you to the outgoing committee members
It is our great pleasure on behalf of the President and the Executive Committee to thank the outgoing members - Jiten Mukundbhai Madhavji and Chandi Bharatbhai Challa for their dedication and hard work selflessly serving our Samaj.

We feel proud to serve PPA Leicester Samaj and together with your support, we know we shall continue with maintaining our unity.

Hasumuk Dwarkadas
Leicester PPA. Hon Secretary

Message from the Pattni Connection team:
We congratulate Amit on being re-elected as the President with the new committee. It is sign of solidarity to see the President continue serving our community.

Pattni Connection is at full disposal to the new committee to promote its activities and to put PPA Leicester on the Pattni World map.