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Luton & Milton Keynes


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National Diwali 2011

Bhasker Pattni, Hon. Sec., Pattni Brotherhood welcomed in Luton 2013

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Review of the year 2010

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PPA Luton President and Guests from UK Welcomed by the Jamnagar Committee


Sulochanaben Jagdish Vaya - President

Minaxiben Praful Challa - Secretary

Nilaben Harsukh Ghaghada - Treasurer

Pushpaben Chandulal Ghaghada - Member

Harish Ranchhoddas Challa - Trustee

PPA Luton President and Guests from UK Welcomed by the Jamnagar Committee

Sulochanaben Jagdish Vaya (President, PPA Luton & MK), her husband Jagdishbhai Dullabhdas Lalji Vaya (Past President, PPA Luton & MK),

Jasuben Bharat Ghaghda (Committee Member, PPA Birmingham) and Bharatbhai Narshidas Ghaghada (Past President, PPA UK)

were warmly welcomed by President Kantibhai Ghaghada and the Committee members at Jamnagar Samaj on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017.


Sulochanaben kept in touch with Pranbhai Dhanak (Webmaster, Pattni Connection) while in India.

Pranbhai then introduced our UK leaders to President Kantibhai during their regular chats.

Atithi Devo Bhava

Jamnagar Samaj has the highest regard for guests and value hospitality. Guest were garlanded

  • Sulochanaben garlanded by Asst Treasurer Shri Pramodbhai Ghaghada,
  • Jagdishbhai by President Shri Kantibhai Ghaghada
  • Bharatbhai & Jasuben also by President Shri Kantibhai Ghaghada

Jamnagar committee members welcoming the guests were :

Shri Kantibhai Ghaghada (President),

Shri Narendrabhai Dhakan (Editor - Parajiya Prakash),
Shri Dhansukhbhai Jagada (Treasurer),

Shri Vinodray Ghaghada (Secretary)

and Shri Pramodbhai Ghaghada (Asst. Treasurer)

Sulochana's father Late Shri Ravjibhai Mithabhai Ghgahada was originally from Beraja (Dist:Jamnagar).

He served as an executive member of this Samaj for four term from 1968 to 1978.

Mitha family had made some donation to Samaj in past one notable for a Room donation for was Rs. 5,001/-, in building fund.

In those time a donation of Rs. 5,001/- was quite a substantial amount. Late Shri Parsotambhai had given this donation on behalf of Mitha family.



Message from Kantibhai Ghaghada, President, Jamnagar Samaj
Guests who visted us yesterday were the family members of our past executive committee member, Late Shri Ravjibhai Mithabhai.
He had served his native place in Halar and surrounding area of Jamnagar district.

As a majoj donor to our Samaj, it was my pleasure to welcome these guests from PPA committee / past office bearers from UK.

Jagdishbhai & Sulochana donated Rs. 5,001/- in memory of his mother and Bharatbhai & Jasuben donated Rs. 1,001/- to Samaj.

Message from Sulochanaben Jagdish Vaya, President, PPA Luton & MK

We were given a guided tour of Jamnagar Samaj and the Boarding School and were very impressed with the work done by the Samaj.

The committee under Kantibhai’s dynamic leadership are doing a great job in serving those in need of support. We exchanged ideas and agreed that both our Samaj to work closely in the future.

On behalf of PPA Luton & Milton Keynes, I take this opportunity to thank Kantibhai and the Jamnagar committee for extending their warm welcome to us.