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Annual General Meeting - 2009/2011

Luton & Milton Keynes Parajiya Pattni Association - Committee Members 2009 – 2011

 Sitting (left to right): Sheetal Martin, Bharat Devdanbhai, Elisha Bhasker & Jagdish Dullabhdas

Standing (left to right): Harsukh Ratilal, Ashish Chandulal, Vipin Ranchhoddas


For photos, click PPA Luton & MK Diwali 2009

The Annual General Meeting procedures were started with a farewell speech by the ex-President, Sailesh Jamnadas Katira and dissolving of the previous committee.


The task of conducting the elections for the appointment of the new committee was given to Harish Ranchhoddas Challa.


He started by thanking the ex-president, congratulating the gathered Parajiyas for the Diwali and the New Year. He asked the congregation to remember and pray for the members of the community who had passed away since the last meeting, which included the late Ashok Babulal Challa and the late ex-trustee, Anantrai Jethalal Ghaghada.


He welcomed new members, Martin (married to Sheetal), Kiran (married to Anand), Lorna (married to Alkesh), Suman (married to Asish) and Dipa (married to Rajan).


Between the starters and the main meal, the members elected the new committee. The ambience was electric and everybody actively participated in the elections.


The following new committee members and post holders were elected:


held on 18th October 2009 at

Alankar Restaurant, Dunstable Road, Luton.


This is to confirm that the following Parajiya Pattni members were elected to serve

Luton & Milton Keynes Parajiya Pattni Association for the term 2009 - 2011:-







Bharat Devdanbhai Dhanak



Ashish Chandulal Ghaghada


Vipin Ranchhoddas Challa


Harsukh Ratilal Ghaghada


Elisha Bhasker Challa
Sheetal (d/o Late Anantrai Jethalal)



TRUSTEE (2009-2013):

Jagdish Dullabhdas Vaya


Harish paid a special tribute to the ex-secretary of the Parajiya Pattni Association UK, Prabhudas Jamnadas Dhorda, who had served the main organisation for many years. Luton & Milton Keynes Parajiya Pattni Association was proud to have such an honoured member in our small community.


A special thanks to Deepali Suresh Challa (Sharjah) for fantastic photographs.


Yours truly

Vipin Ranchhoddas Challa

Hon. Secretary, PPA Luton & Milton Keynes

From Editor:

Congratulations and Best Wishes to President Bharatbhai and the new Committee. I wish them every success as they now carry the banner of the PPA Luton & Milton Keynes forward.  New committee with new members will inevitably result in new ideas and new enthusiasm. It is good see members of non-Pattni origins attending the meeting. They are our community’s jamais (sons-in-law) and bahus (daughters-in-laws) and we should all encourage them to attend community functions. Make them feel welcome so that they become full members of our community.


Prabhudas Jamnadas Dhorda

I am extremely pleased to see tributes paid to Prabhudasbhai at the AGM in appreciation of his long service to our community. I go as far back as early 1980s where he served in the various PPA national committees. Prabhudasbhai and I have also worked together in the same committee in 1983-84. Whilst we moved on to pursue our professional and business careers, Prabhudasbhai carried on serving the community in various capacity for many years. If we were to start an award scheme to honour prominent Pattni members for their dedication and service to our community, Prabhudasbhai will surely be in that list to receive such an award.


Once again, congratulations to the new committee. Our Pattni Connection media power is fully at the committee’s disposal to promote their activities.


Pranbhai C. Arjan Dhanak


For photos, click PPA Luton & MK Diwali 2009


Luton & Milton Keynes                                  

Luton is a town located 50km north of central London in the Borough of  Bedfordshire
Milton Keynes is a purpose-built, high technology city in the south east of England approximately 50 miles (80km) north of London.


Luton is town packed full of cultural diversity with many different leisure and entertainment facilities. The thriving range of pubs and restaurants is a reflection of the many different culture found within the town including, Thai, Indian, Chinese and Italian eating establishments and Café's.


Milton Keynes is the name of one of the villages that were in the original designated area of the new "city" of Milton Keynes. This had the name Mideltone (middletown) in the Domesday Book and by 1422 the name of Kaynes had been added after the feudal family name Cahaignes.