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Meeting with the PPA Presidents

PPA National / Leicester Region President

and PPA Luton & MK President welcomed at Pranbhai's Residence in London

Amit Ramniklal Pattni (Vaya) - National PPA and Leicester Region President with his wife Amrita and Sulochanaben Jagdish Vaya - Luton and Milton Keynes Region President
with her husband Jagdish were warmly welcomed at my residence last Sunday 8th May 2016.

This was the first time that we had the opportunity to meet since Amit and Sulochanaben becoming regional Presidents of their respective regions as well as Amit also been
elected as the President of PPA UK National Executive Committee

Amit’s family is from Mombasa. His grandfather Late Amratlal (Amubhai) Lalji Savji Vaya was well known in East Africa.

Amit’s wife Amrita’s father, Manharlal Hiralal Dhakan, originally from Amreli and now residing in Rajkot served Rajkot Samaj as the Trustee and her father’s uncle Nanalal
Haridas Dhakan is currently the oldest serving member at Rajkot Samaj.

Sulochana Jagdish Vaya’s father Ravjibhai Mitha Ghaghada was orginally from Beraja (Bhalsan) near Jamnagar.

Sulochana’s husband Jagdishbhai is also from Mombasa. His father Dullabhdas Lalji Vaya served Mombasa Samaj as a volunteer for many years.

Jagdishbhai served PPA as Trustee - Luton & MK Region (2010 - 2015), President - Luton & MK Region (2001 - 2006), PPA UK National Executive Committee Vice President  (2002 - 2005)

Jagdishbhai Dullabhdas Vaya - Sulochana Jagdish  Vaya - Kumudben Pranbhai Dhanak - Pranbhai Dhanak - Amrita Amit Vaya - Amit Amratlal Vaya

Going Down Memory Lane

Discussing with Jagdish and Amit about their families, memories flooded back as I absolutely enjoyed reminiscing our good old days of childhood.
We shared stories and remembered Amubhai and Durlabhbhai whom I used to meet regularly when I was still a student in Mombasa.

Samaj Discussions

During our meeting over lunch and masala tea, we all discussed extensively about the Samaj issues, especially the UK region. Amit is very passionate about Samaj to serve our community
and as the President PPA National President to bring all UK regions closer.

Future of Pattni Connection

For the past few years, I have been consulting many members and Samaj committees to share their ideas about my potential successor as the webmaster of Pattni Connection website.

Both Presidents, Amit and Sulochana pledged full support for the website. They assured to work closely during the transition period whenever a new webmaster takes over as the webmaster of Pattni Connection.

We all recognise that through Pattni Connection website we are not only benefiting ourselves but are also sowing seeds for our future generation. I’ll make further announcement on this matter soon.

Visiting India as Team GB

As the committee member of the Federation, Rajkot Mahamandal and Mumbai Samaj, I invited both Amit and Sulochana and their committee members to join me to go to India together as the
UK United team whenever there is a major event at Parajiya Patni Samaj in India.

Thank You For the Invite

I take this opportunity to thank Amit and Sulochanaben for inviting me to visit Leicester and Luton to meet their new committees.  I look forward to meeting them soon.

Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak
Editor / Webmaster / Admin - Pattni Connection
Committee Member - Akhil Bhartiya Soni Federation
Committee Member - Rajkot Mahamandal

Advisory Committee - Mumbai Samaj