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Mumbai Samaj President
Shree Vijaybhai Hansraj Satikuvar welcomed in London

Atithi Devo Bhava

Vijaybhai Satikuvar, President, Shree Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakari Society was in London last week and was my pleasure to warmly welcome him at my residence.

Mumbai Parajiya Samaj membership has 4,000 families, nearly 18,000 members making it one of the largest Samaj of our community.

We discussed a wide range of important issues facing our Samaj.

Future Projects For Mumbai Samaj

Vijaybhai briefed me about the future projects of Mumbai Samaj. It plans to rebuild the entire new complex to replace the old building.

The obstacle in implementing this plan is the sitting tenants who occupy part of the building.

There used to five sitting tenants initially. Three of them were given financial incentive to move out. Now there are two tenants left who need to be rehoused.

Since they are long term sitting tenants, they cannot be evicted but by rehousing them at Samajís expense.

Rehousing is not cheap. It will cost around Rs44 lacs. (USD 65,000) per tenant. So the Samaj needs to pay Rs 88 lacs just to clear the building ready for redevelopment.

Mumbai Samaj has managed to get enough donation pledges to rehouse these two tenants. However it will then need plenty of funds and support from our worldwide community to enable them to rebuild a brand new complex.

I also raised the concern about the condition of Suvaran Hospital that I saw during my last visit to Mumbai. The hospital is in dire need of a long overdue renovation.  

Vijaybhai told me that his committee has an ambitious plan to rebuild the hospital.

The current Mumbai committee is confident that it will be able to complete these ambitious plans to help build stronger Samaj for the future.

Promoting Parajiya Soni Sandesh

Vijaybhaiís other mission during the visit to UK was to promote their monthly newsletter, Parajiya Soni Sandesh.

The rate is just Rs 3,500 (UK £35) for lifetime subscription. Vijaybhai has left several copies for local distribution.

Details of our meeting and Vijaybhaiís photo are posted on the website.

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