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Soni Sandesh

 President Vijaybhai  Satikuvar welcomed in London 2014         

Pattni Connection Webmaster, Pranbhai Dhanak felicitated by Mumbai Samaj 2014      

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Mumbai Samaj President
Shree Vijaybhai Hansraj Satikuvar
welcomed in London


Atithi Devo Bhava

Rekhaben & Vijaybhai Satikuvar welcomed at Pranbhai's residence

July 2015

Vijaybhai Satikuvar, President, Shree Mumbai Upnagar Parajiya Sahakari Society and his wife Rekhaben are  visiting UK and was a pleasure to warmly welcome them at my residence last week.

We discussed a wide range of important issues facing our Samaj over lunch.

Mumbai Parajiya Samaj membership has 4,000 families, nearly 18,000 members making it one of the largest Samaj of our community.

Vijaybhai stressed the importance of making Samaj self sufficient.


During his presidency, the Samaj has been transformed to become one of the vibrant institutions. A new Air Conditioned Hall was opened in June 2015. This has started generating more rental income.


Samajís hospital - Suvarna General Hospital is a 40 year old building.

As it was not economically viable to repair such a dilapidated building, it is now closed for demolition and a brand new hospital to be built.


Vijaybhai urged our community to donate generously to fulfil complete this project.


Proposal to form the World Federation of Parajiya Pattni Samaj

The current President of Akhil Bhartiya Federation, Haribhai Dhakan is based in Mumbai.

Vijaybhai and I both agreed that it now time to draft a new constitution and work towards changing from Akhil Bhartiya Federation to make it the World Federation of Parajiya Pattnis.